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Vokey Fitting

Peter H


I was looking at the upcoming Titleist Fitting days and there is one coming to my state about a week or two after the Vokey SM5s are released. I am looking to get the SM5s but I would like to hit a couple of different bounces and grinds especially with all the new options available. I was just wondering if the fitting day will have the SM5s or not, and if they would, would they have different options for me to try out?


Peter Hansen

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  1. Cameron D


    The Fitting Reps won't be able to fit for the SM5s until 2/28.  If fitting date is after 2/28, the Rep will have all the lofts/grinds to try.



  2. Peter H

    Ok, this is great.... Can't wait till they come out!!


  3. tdogg21

    Looking forward to the snow melting so I can get fitted for some wedges!

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