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Grips on store bought clubs default grip sizes for 714 AP2 / 913 D2/F/H


I am looking to purchase equipment and want to understand what the default options are if i would purchase these off the rack.

What grip is standard on the 714 AP2 - .58 or .60 round titleist tour velvet??  913 D2 - it uses 360 i would image .60 round as its the only option.

Can someone confirm?

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The standard grip is the .580 on the stock shafts.  If you would like the .600, please specify that grip and they can put that on for you.. 

  2. menielsen

    just to confirm the .580 grip is standard and fits over the S300 which is .600?

    Also with the woods? which use 360 is just .600?

    I'm sure my fitter will know all this but just doing my research before hand.

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    We use .580 grips on DYG S300 shafts and use .580 grips on any wood shaft with a .600 butt unless requested otherwise.  We will build with .600 cores if requested. 

  4. Jamie L

    A 60 core grip on a .600 shaft is considered standard but I think that a 58 grip on a .600 shaft is the new standard. It is the same as adding one extra wrap underneath the traditional standard size. Golf Pride only makes their Tour Velvet 360 with a 60 core but the ones they make for Titleist have a 58 core. There are a few core size options on the 360 they make for Titleist. I hope this helps.

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