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Look for help on shaft matters

Albert C


I'm using KBS Tour "R" flex on my 710 MB club set. Would like to check if  it is the same "in term of flex" when swap to NSPro 950 shaft with "R" flex? Or need to go for "S" flex? Because I tried the NSPro 950 and found that it is a bit soft than KBS shaft. 

Many thanks for your advise in advance.


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  1. Cameron D


    The Nipping 950GH being 15g lighter will play a bit softer to flex.  It will launch noticeably higher as well.  If you felt it was a little soft and uncontrollable, then you may want to try the stiff in the 950.  Consult a local Club Fitter, who can take a look at your ball flight, spin and tempo to help determine the more consistent shaft for you.

    Use the link below to find the closest Club Fitter to you.



  2. Albert C

    Thanks for your advice.

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