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iron fitting at regional center ????

jim k

i'm thinking of getting a fitting at the regional center in Fort Worth when i visit there and am wondering about something. if i get an iron fitting do i onlt hit a 6 iron? i'm really interested in getting fit for the 714 AP1 irons and am wondering how they determine all the  info for all the other irons if i only hit a 6 iron. do they base everything off the 6 ? lie, loft, angle.....  thanks in advance

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  1. Cameron D


    They will fit with the 6 iron to find the right shaft, loft, and lie angle.   If they need confirmation on a longer or shorter iron in terms of loft or lie, they will have fully built sets with standard specs.  The Fitters that we have at our Regional Fitting Center will be skilled enough to determine the need to strengthen/weaken the lofts or tweak the lie angles through the set based off your 6 iron.  



  2. Steve

    I got fit there for 714 AP2s last November when they first came out. Awesome experience and very skilled fitters. I will be returning when the 915 woods come to retail. 

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