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Golf bag opinion

Miles B

In the market for a new bag. Walk vs. ride approximately 50% respectively. Main question revolves around 14-way dividers. Many have mentioned the desire for a 14 way so they don't loose a club (which is not an issue for me). I am eyeing the Titleist 14 way lightweight vs the Titleist lightweight (which has 3 full length dividers). My questions revolve around ease of use in pulling clubs, chatter(some sayit is worse with a 14 way)and overall organization. Currently use a png Hoofer from my HS days and have never used a 14 way; was curious to your opinions. 



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  1. Quintin H

    I like the Ogio Woode top, it has a putter well, 4 individual holes, and 3 large slots

    I do putter in its spot, Driver, fw,fw,hy in the 4 individual holes and 3 irons for each slot.

    If I was worried about iron clanging, I would use 1 ironhead cover in each slot.

    The bad thing is it doesn't fit well in carts, even worse in a push/pull cart.

    Long ago I had a basic bag with 14 tubes. It took only a few rounds to pull the tubes out.

    The modern bag with 14 slots appears to be better, I have never seen anyone having problems with them, I also have never seen anyone walking with them.

    1 I have seen, cart bag, 14 slots, and the top rotates to bring you the club you want.......pretty cool, but I don't think I would spend the money on it.

  2. Tim Tiger

    I have the 3 way divider and it is ideal. Plenty of room for clubs and pockets for storage.  Fits on a cart just fine when needed.  The 14 way did not suit my needs and I just did not like it personally. 


  3. Fred C

    The divider bags work well until the fabric separating the compartments tears and makes it difficult to get your clubs out. I recently switched bags for that reason and bought the Titleist Mid-Size staff bag. Loads of pocket room for everything and a very large belly pocket where you could store an extra outfit and shoes. I put my DryJoy Rain suit, and extra shirt, shoes and socks in mine, just in case. There's still room for more stuff if needed.

  4. Fred C

    I forgot to add, the Ttileist carry bags use the 3 way and they work great - sturdy and lightweight with plenty of storage for a rain suit and extra socks if need be.

  5. Dan C

    I have a Titleist Lightweight Stand Bag (newest model) and love it, it is nice and light for walking and also very good for riding because it fits in the cart nicely.  I have no trouble with organization, and never have trouble pulling a club and have it getting stuck.

  6. Spencer B

    I have a 14 way divider bag myself and it is easy to use and slide clubs in and out. Titleist does a good job making the 14 way bag lighter then most others so I would go with the lightweight 14 way if I was you

  7. Miles B

    Any of you with a 14-way also have a Scotty. If so do you have difficulty fitting it into one of the slots given its putter head cover size. 

  8. Kevin O

    Same goes for a putter with a larger grip.  Any issues with that fitting in a 14-way (Miles I'm also looking at a Titleist 14-way coming from an old Hoofer!)?

  9. Chris S

    Kevin O

    Same goes for a putter with a larger grip.  Any issues with that fitting in a 14-way (Miles I'm also looking at a Titleist 14-way coming from an old Hoofer!)?

    I have the Titleist 14-way carry bag and have no problems with a mid size grip on my putter. Not sure if the jumbo grips would fit. They would probably be a hassle getting in and out.

    Overall I really like this bag. It is lightweight and has plenty of pockets for my needs. Can easily carry all the extras needed to play in the rain, cold. 

    So far no issues with the dividers getting clubs in and out. I like the dividers because I know exactly where each club is, and you notice them missing almost immediately.

    Hope this helps.

  10. george t

    I have the 2012 14-way stand bag and have had very few issues with pulling/returning clubs.  Once in a great while, while putting a club back in the bag, it may not fall easily back to the bottom of the bag.  In those instances, if you pull an adjacent club partially out, both clubs should easily go back into the bag.

    As for the putter, I have a Scotty California Fastback, with a SuperStroke Slim 55 grip.  I keep the putter in the large slot next to my driver, so there are no issues pulling that.

  11. BMarsh

    It's hard to beat the new 3-way divider Titleist is making now. I had a 4up stand bag and switched to the staff-stand bag. I want the little bag back!!!! I never did like 14 way dividers.

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