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Rip Phenom Anybody?

Eric S

Anyone playing the rip phenom in their Driver? Seems like the diamana stock options get all the love and i hardly hear the phenom talked about or reviewed. Anybody have any comments on this shaft? Thinking of trying one out.

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  1. Joshua O

    I have the Phenom in my 913D3. I love the shaft and it is probably the best i have hit for distance. It was a touch softer than expected, so I am getting mine tipped .5 to compensate. I always recommend going to a fitter and trying a few different shafts. There are so many options  and it is difficult buying with only using the specs as info. I have a Motre in my 13.5 and a few diamana's are on my shelf in the garage. I prefer the distance of the RIP and the forgivness of the Motre go to 3 wood... I haven't been able to hit the diamana in a x stiff so I cant really compare them. 

  2. Steve H


    Playing it in the Driver (RIP 60) and the 13.5 Fairway (RIP 80 Phenom) and the same in the 17 degree.  Love them very much. This is the second driver I have it in.  BTW...these are the new 913.. Don't forget the best advise is to get professionally fitted.  

  3. asousa

    I use the RIP Alpha 60 not the Phenom but I wasn't even thinking of the RIP but after getting fit it was the right shaft for my swing.

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