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Chris S

Beware when upgrading your shipping to overnight delivery. I upgraded my shipping to overnight on my order from Vokey but my package won't be here until next week. I was told by fedex that Vokey only offers standard overnight, which does not include weekend delivery. I'm really upset because I will not be home all of next week and have to make special arrangements now.

Just for the record, this is only the second problem I have ever had my entire life with an order from Titleist/Achushnet. And both times involved shipping.

I know Titleist/Achushnet has the Best service and I am not trying to rip on them. Just letting other TT members know that if they are hoping to get a quick order and receive it on Saturday, it may not happen.

 Chris S

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  1. Mike C

    I think this is a good point for people to understand what they are really buying with upgraded shipping (and this really goes for any merchant, not just Vokey).  Fedex standard overnight delivery is for delivery on the next business day after 3PM and does not include Saturday delivery.  Having a product delivered on Saturday or earlier in the day is an additional service that costs more $$$ and many merchants do not offer this as an option.

    I have spoken to the Vokey folks on the phone and they were very clear in making sure I understood that on an overnight shipped item, it will be shipped standard FedEx overnight (i.e., not early morning or Saturday delivery) from when the product is available to ship.  This may or may not be the day that you order it - alythough they will make every effort to do so if the item is in stock.  On the Vokey store items, I was also told that the "new" items that come out sometimes take a day or two before they actually ship.  Just an FYI from my experience at Vokey which has been in line with my actual experience.  If you have any concerns, I would just call and ask... they have always ben awesome on the phone in responding to any questions I had.

    I guess we have to chalk up waiting for items to making it even better once we actually receive the item in the mail!


  2. Chris92009

    These are the same issues (if you can really call them issues) at Scotty Cameron online as well.  Not a big deal, just realize it takes a day or two to pack/compile one's order then ship it out.  Weekend delivery has never been part of the overnight package offerings to my memory.   I am glad they offer these shipping options for such a small difference in cost in many cases!

    That being said, since I am on the east coast I realize it will take 4-5 days for any regular shipping method so I need something quicker I opt for second day air but rarely overnight shipping. 

  3. memphisunited

    Great responses from Mike and Chris.  Overnight shipping is typically next business day, unless the merchant offers Saturday delivery (which is an added cost).  The delivery time also needs to factor in when you place the order too.  If you place it late in the day, the item may not be packed and processed until the following day by the merchant.  And thus, wouldn't arrive until a day after that, so essentially you are looking at three days from order to arrival in some cases.  

  4. SGB

    Add in those unexpected weather delays as well! Have had a few of those surprises in the past when expecting deliveries! Mother Nature is not a golfer! 

  5. Todd T

    I just pay for ground, I live 3 miles from where they ship and people East still get their swag before me!

  6. Chris S

    I know I jumped the gun here. I was pretty wound up when I got off the phone with the delivery company. Guess I woke up on the wrong side the bed Saturday! ;)

     Chris S

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