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Hole In One Free Drinks for Everyone ?

Carl T

This topic came up the other day. I know it is customary for the person who makes a hole in one to buy everyone in the club house a drink. This has happened at my club and the bill can run from several hundred dollars up to a thousand. Our foursome agreed that if a person who makes a hole in one should be getting free drinks from his playing partners and not the other way around. Another guy in our group said if he gets a hole in one he is not going to pay for any free drinks he does not authorize. I go along with this. What is right and where do you draw the line. Just asking for a friend (wink).

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  1. Fred C

    I'm with you Carl T. the victor should be bought drinks, not pay for them. Still, I've had to shell out a  few times, but only with my buddies.

  2. Christopher K

    The person making the hole-in-one is supposed to buy drinks for anyone who witnessed the event.  The random donks who just happen to be in the clubhouse can kick rocks.

  3. Jim A

    I have never been lucky enough to have a hole-in-one, but at my course, all those who choose to put a dollar into the pot, receives that pot if and when they hit a hole-in-one.   I understand completely the views that the lucky ball striker should be the recipient of the free drinks, but what if they do not drink?  By the same token, why should they have to pay for drinks for those in the bar, just because they hit the shot of their lives.  Most course seem to have the set standard that the lucky one gets to pay for those in attendance, I just hope mine never comes on league day, tournament day or at a private club I may be a guest at.  It is not that I do not object to sharing my good fortune with others, I would just prefer that it did not costs me hundreds of dollars that could be more wisely spent in a manner of my choosing.  

  4. Todd T

    I'd buy my group drinks, but the entire bar! Maybe if I was a member at Augusta or Cypress, I'd buy drinks for everyone!

  5. Curtis M

    Buying for the club house can get a bit ridiculous.  We always keep it within the group for a couple of rounds. 

  6. SD_Golfer

    I haven't experienced this problem YET!

    However, at our course, the people I have talked to about it (some have actually made a hole in one) agree that the person that gets the Ace buys a drink for all who witnessed it, that could include not only the group you are playing with, but perhaps the group that just left the green and decided to watch while waiting to tee off on the next hole.

    It would still be worth it in my opinion :)

  7. Dr. Kovatchian

    I always have a warm case of Natural Light in the trunk of my car just for those occasions...

    Let me tell you it's very Old...


    Dr. K

  8. Fred C

    Dr. Kovatchian

    I always have a warm case of Natural Light in the trunk of my car just for those occasions...

    Let me tell you it's very Old...


    Dr. K

    Dr - great idea!!!!! LOL Living so close to the course, should I ever make another HOI, I will advise all but my closest friends, they are welcome to join me us for all of the warm Dos Equis in my garage.

  9. Andrew A

    Being fortunate enough to get one ace in my modest golfing career, my experience went down like this.  My ace came on the 11th hole on an early Saturday afternoon.  From there I decided it to purchase drinks on the course for my foursome for the remaining 7 holes.  Afterwards, in the clubhouse, my group was kind enough to celebrate with me, on them, for the remainder of the time spent there.  It turned to be  mutual celebration kept within the playing partners and enjoyment was had by all.

    It's my opinion that private clubs have an Hole-In-One insurance program that members pay into and that's fine and good for those of us who belong to one.  However, if your ace happens to come on a public track playing with friends, you should buy your group a drink or two and leave it that.  It's not your obligation to buy a clubhouse of strangers drinks for something they weren't a part of or will they relive this great experience with you in future outings.


    I did call my wife on the 12 tee to inform her what happened and that she will most likely will have to come pick us up later for fear of driving unnecessarily, and she gratefully agreed. That's the biggest decision to be made by all.  Enjoy you great moment, but not at the cost of others.  Have fun but BE SAFE in doing so!!

  10. James B

    I don't drink but, I would buy a drink for my playing partners.  

  11. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    I had a hole in one at our member guest once and as you can imagine with several hundred players, it seemed like it was definitely going to be a big bar bill.  The club was gracious enough to work with me and I bought two bottles of wine for each table.  Everyone was happy and I bought the house drinks!

  12. Chris92009

    The good thing as mentioned by a few others here is to be a member at a club where you have hole-in-insurance.  Last year one of my guests got a hole in one but virtually no one was in the lounge so his drink bill was very cheap! 

  13. mark w

    I was playing at a Semi Private course when I hit my Ace. I bought drinks for my foursome.

  14. Bill L

    Buying drinks is and always has been a tradition of the game. At our club being a member of the MGA provides 500.00 of coverage. Unfortunately I was at another club when I got mine. I gladly paid up because it's tradition.

  15. scott a

    At my club, hole in ones mean drinks for anyone who knows about it that day (they post it.) You can buy insurance, which I do. I never cash in on the free drink from others and always hope for the same in return. :) That great moment should never be followed up by worring all day about the bill you'll get. Buying drinks for your playing partners is well worth it and something I would enjoy doing. They also take an addional dollor from each member in that months montly statement, which goes to the hole in one person for shop credit. That's about $350.

    I play with a few guys who just never say they did it. All pretty silly really.


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