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Golf channel AM tour

Ryan E

Found that golf channel has an amateur tour, anybody play on it and is it worth getting involved with?

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  1. Eric B

    Hey Ryan.
    I played on the Los Angeles schedule while  my brother played the Las Vegas section. I only played two tournaments. Wish I could had played more. Was fun and I hope to re-join in the future
    but first I still hoping I have a job for next year? I you have the time and $$$, it worth it.
    Regards, Eric.
    On Nov 13, 2013, at 5:09 PM, Ryan E wrote:

    Team Titleist
    Ryan E posted Golf channel AM tour in General.

    Found that golf channel has an amateur tour, anybody play on it and is it worth getting involved with?

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  2. Fred C

    I've considered it, but have been told it's got a lot of players that 1. play SSSLLLOOOWWW and carry a lot of extra strokes. 

  3. Mickey G

    I've seen a lot about this on Golf Channel; but nothing locally (SEOhio, NKY). Would be very interested.

  4. Greg K

    I haven't played this one yet but I want too.  I was in the middle of moving this summer so I never got the chance to sign up.  On the downside, it does seem like a lot of money for a one day event.  However, they do give out nice trophies to each flight winner.  I plan on playing in 2014. 

    Here's the link:

    Also, there is a yearly fee too but this year the yearly fee includes a GHIN Handicap.

    Ht Em Straight!!!


  5. Dan H

    I played the Indiana tour in 2007 and yes the round was slow.  I think it is to be expected when you put a group of amateurs together that are not used to playing the ball down and taking correct penalty strokes.  I played 3 tournaments (2 of which I had never played the course before) but still had fun.  I am a low key golfer and may be too used to playing casual rounds so my nerves are pretty strong but if I remember right you would get warned for slow play for not even losing track of players in front of you and rounds can take up to 6 hours.  Would definitely play again though if had more time with a small family and plenty of $$.

  6. Matt B

    Ryan E

    Found that golf channel has an amateur tour, anybody play on it and is it worth getting involved with?

    I had played in a couple of e-golf am tour, as a guest. If I were you I would contact the local director and ask to play in a event as a guest, they typically allow this when the field is not filled up by it's members, also there maybe certain restrictions that apply to guest play. This way you have first hand knowledge of what the tour is like, without committing to the cost of it's membership fee!
  7. tdogg21

    I have not, but have been thinking about it.  I know it's not cheap and the rounds are slow, but (at least their description) seems like it's a lot of fun.  They claim "to treat you like a tour player."  And since my chances of being a tour player aren't very good, this sounds like a fun way to "pretend."  I also saw there were some nice courses with events, so I figured it might be worth the money to play a nice course.

    For those who did play, what were the total costs?  What was the experience like?  Did you receive any stuff for entering?  For the price they charge, I was hoping it wasn't going to be just the greens fee and a cart.

  8. Keith L

    I play in the PA tour and love it. Have played in locals and majors. Its great also have played tournaments in PA, NJ, NY, MD and Florida. I would say the higher handicapped areas do have some sandbaggers but they are watched very closley and will get moved up.

    The cost to sign up is small and the tournaments typically run about 100 bucks and that includes golf, cart, range and most of the time lunch. Met some really great guys playing also

  9. mark l

    I'm playing for the first time down in Kiawah in a few months.  It may be slow, but I was able to convince the wife to take a spring trip to a golf location, so it won't be all bad.  Looking forward to taking out the new AP2's and see how it goes. 

  10. Matt B

    The E-GOLF tour is now actually the Golfweek tour, when I played it was $85.00 entry. The prizes where given out per flight. They gave out Visa gift cards along with a trophy to the flight winner & runner-up. The entry covered Green fee & cart with range balls. It was a fun time, played with some nice guys, finished T 4th in championship flight (as guest) and shot 76 so I didn't see any prizes. To me it seems more casual than other tournaments I played, City championship, State Mid-Am, etc.

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