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By JBruton

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    Hi I currently play AP1 716’s and have tried my Pro and Major golf retailers in East Yorkshire to try demo 718 series for a club fitting. They tell me that getting left handed demo heads from Titleist UK is very difficult, I know my club Pro has been trying for weeks as I think he would like to sell me a new set of clubs. Does anyone on this group know WHO my Professional can contact to help? And why Titleist treat Left Handers this way.

    Any help appreciated


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    Hi John
    I know that all the Advanced fitters around the world have LH heads for fittings, but am not familiar with where they are in the UK. We have forwarded your question to our UK office and they should be getting in touch with you shortly.
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    Would be great to be able to borrow? Some left handed heads and get fitted locally.
    Look forward to reply from Titleist UK or anyone who may know where I could obtain 718 heads from

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