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    I was recently fit for a combo set of ap2/AP3s and some vokeys (50, 54, 58). Theirons will be 3 up 1 long and the comets will be 2 up 1 long. They will all be shafted with kbs tour stiff shafts and will have cp2 wrap midsize grips. The combo right now will switch at 6/7 with the AP3s (4,5,6) being 2 degrees weak.

    Couple questions.

    Can you provide the swingweights for each of these clubs in this setup?

    Do you suggest that transition point/approach or something else (I have even looked at 5-7 AP3s and 7-pw aps in stock lofts.) Other options are appreciated.

    Thank you.

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    You can specify a swing weight on the order. Titleist will let you know if they can match across all the clubs. They generally try to achieve D2-D3 for men when not specified.

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