70+ low handicap golfers and shaft flex

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By duke m

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  1. Just turned 70 and slowing down, but still a 6 handicap from the senior tees. My average drive now is only 220 yards and I have to use a 6 iron from 150 yards. Wondering if I should consider senior flex shafts. Others who have been there, and recs. Please don't tell me to go get fit. I know that already.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Since you don't want to hear that you should get real TrackMan data, my question would be what are you trying to achieve? If you play to a 6, you are doing some pretty good things. Softer flex shaft might get you a few more yards but it could also kill your accuracy. Be careful you make the adjustments that best effect what you want and don't create other problems. maybe you can get a "loaner set" with softer shafts and play a couple of rounds to see if the trade-off makes you feel better about the distance without killing your accuracy. I too have always been a bit of a short hitter and i know i will never be able to buy the kind of distance my buddies have. I turn 60 in a few weeks and have just come to the realization that moving up a set of tees is not the end of the world and it makes my round of golf a lot more enjoyable. Have fun!
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Agree with Dale. I'm only 68, but just moved from senior flex graphite to the TT-AMT Red in regular flex. The graphite irons were too light to control. I didn't lose distance, but gained some consistency. A Trackman fitting might determine a higher launching shaft may gain you a club in distance, but could still be an R flex in that shaft. If you look at the custom catalog you'll see many variations of spin and launch to optimize your ball flight. Flex is only determined once the optimal launch conditions have been measured to then optimize the dispersion pattern. 25 years ago the answers were so much simpler.
  4. Good advice Don. The TT AMT RED is a good choice for me as well.

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