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  1. mic  o

    mic o
    Florida, USA

    I currently play a HZRDUS Black 75g 6.5 in my TS2 8.5 with +2g weight for a 45" shaft. This shaft is not tipped. My current Trackman swing speed is 111 mph with ball speeds at 151 mph. Still spinning this shaft at 3300 rpm with 14.5 launch. I was told to go heavy to reduce spin. Shaft is still playing well with average distances 270 yds+. However, this is creating an issue in gapping my shafts for swingweight. I currently play HZRDUS Smoke 80g 6.5 in my 3 wood,tipped an extra 1/2" and HZRDUS Black 85g 6.5 with +2g weight in my hybrid. My driver shaft is playing almost the same weight as my 3 wood. Love them both and hit them both well. I was wondering what the affect would be if I took a raw,uncut HZRDUS Smoke 70g s-flex and tipped in 1"? Would it lower torque and increase flex? That is the only reason why I do not play the HZRDUS Smoke in the 70g x flex is due to the torque at 3.5. It feels very 'whippy' to me. Hence, the switch to the HZRDUS Black. Can anyone from Titleist shed some light? Thanks!

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