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By Dave M

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  1. Hello. Need a little Help.. I use to game a 913 D2 w/the Diamana D+70 in stiff which I was fitted for and loved it until the face caved in. I currently game the 917 D2 with the Diamana Limited Blue, it’s ok but not great. (60 gram stiff) The reason I went with the Blue is I still game the 913 F 70 gram blue and 913 hybrids 21 and 24 degree with the blue 80 gram. These are money for me and I won’t change until they break. My question is what stock shaft for the TS will be the most comparable to the Diamana D+ My Driver swing speed is just under 100 MPH and I have a somewhat quick transition. Thank you

  2. gary h

    gary h
    Torrance, CA

    I use the Diamond D+ blue with my 2 hybrids and use the HZRDUS for my T2 driver.
  3. Ok Great!
    Thanks for your reply.
    Has that worked out well for you?
  4. Ok Great!
    Thanks for your reply.
    Has that worked out well for you?
  5. Hzrdus smoke or evenflow white would be in the neighborhood. However, i would go into it with an open mind, the TS series performs differently and you may need more spin to optimize launch/trajectory etc. The Tensei AV is closer in spec to Diamana Blue, but ultimately there are several shafts options that perform and produce similar results, but feel is quite different among those options and that part is up to you.
  6. Tganks for the help!
  7. I went from that same Diamana in my 917 D2 to the Hzrdus Smoke in my TS3. In both cases I was fitted. I'm extremely happy with the new combo. Also, I tried the Evenflow and found it to be way too stout for my liking.

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