Anyone playing a Ventus Shaft?

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By Doug E

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  1. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I'm considering one in my TSi3 driver and my TSi2 3W. The Velocore model, not the cheap "made-for" non-Velocore some manufacturers are using in their stock offerings. That's a totally different animal.

    I have read and heard so much positive feedback about them, as well as a small bit of negative too. (A Fuji Ventus shaft isn't right for everyone, nor is any other shaft.) As I've said in other posts, I am a tinkerer. I like trying stuff. What I like will stick around. What I don't is usually found on Ebay within a month of original purchase. I may lose a few bucks at times, but it's worth it to be able to give it a real tryout over an extended period.

    Shaft fittings are fine, but I like to try stuff outdoors on the golf course in real world situations to decide what works well for me. I don't care as much about what a launch monitor says as I do about what reality shows and feels to me. A few swings on a launch monitor is nice, and can be helpful, but many swings over a span of 5 or 10 rounds out on the course tells me so much more.

    I'm very curious to hear from those playing any Ventus w/Velocore in the TS or TSi line. Which one (weight, flex/model/club) and what are your impressions? I'm looking at Blue or Red, but not sure about flex yet. (I play Tensei AV Raw Blue in my Driver and Hybrid and a Diamana Blue 70 in my 3W as my primary shafts, but I have a bunch of others I swap in and out too when my swing or my mood feels the desire). What is your swingspeed, how drastic is your transition, what type of ball flight/trajectory are you seeing, etc. Is it as smooth as they say and does the tip feel as stiff as its numbers would suggest?

    Your experiences would be appreciated.

  2. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    I'm by no means a great golfer and at mid 60's don't hammer the ball like the youngsters so if I get in the 230 to 240 yard range with the driver I'm happy. I don't know my swing speed and don't like the launch monitors because they only remind me how inconsistent I can be at times. I only care about what I hit on the course, and I've seen too many cheap launch monitors or swing analyzers at the range telling people they're hitting 290 with a range ball that never gets passed the 225 marker with a swing that looks like a 5 year old swatting at a piñata.
    I got fitted with a TS2 with Tensei Blue stiff when they first came out and was pretty happy for awhile, but I like to keep a few different shafts and probably spend too much on them (is that possible in golf!). I have the Ventus Blue 5-R with Velocore and a Graphite Design AD VR-5 regular as my primary shafts right now. Both have been tipped 1/2" and both playing at 45" overall.
    I used the Ventus for a year and really liked it. Always like Fujikura shafts but not happy with the confusion they created by putting out 2 complete different shafts with the same name and appearance. It took a bit to get dialed in with it and it feels very tight and smooth if I don't rush the transition at the top. I don't get a lot of feeling for the load in the backswing but the result is great. The tip is the real deal, very stable and straight shooter. The launch is lower than the Tensei Blue but when I'm on, I gained about 15 yards and a ton of accuracy. Had several of those "holy cow!!!" drives but mostly pretty consistent. If I were more consistent thru the ball it would never leave the bag.
    I recently picked up the AD VR-5 and have been playing that for about a month now. The launch is a bit higher than the Ventus and I can feel the load more in the backswing. I feel like I don't have to work as hard and I think that is related to the softer mid section. Yardage result is very similar to the Ventus, but if I get a little side spin it is more noticeable with the AD VR-5.
    Really torn between which is my favorite. We get a lot of gusty winds around here, so right now my feeling is that when it's colder outside and my swing is more restricted or on a calm warmer day I'll take the AD VR-5, and for warm weather days and windy days the Ventus.

  3. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    I am a huge ventus fan (blue 6x) and have been every since it came out. The fit on how it works with my swing is unreal. I got fit for it when it first came out (2 years ago) and it still beats out everything in the market.

    I went to TPI to get fit and it beat out everything in the TSI3 and would def recco. Yes outdoor is the best buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttt make sure you get on a launch monitor as numbers don't lie!!
  4. dhunter

    Choctaw, OK

    I currently plat the Ventus Blue 6S in my TSI3 driver and the Ventus Red 7S in my TSI2 3 wood. I am about like you and while I do get fitted for new buys I like to experiment in the off season. Also play the Ventus 8S in my hybrid. The consistency is outstanding with the Ventus. For me the blue put me in an Optimal Launch/spin range and I gained about 12 yards over the ATMOS Blue. If you swing is on, Ventus is point and shoot, great improvement in dispersion. My driver SS is 99-102 but short and aggressive the shaft stays with me no matter how hard I go at it.
  5. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I had an injury (herniated disk) about a week after starting this thread, so never moved ahead with the Ventus. I was out and off the golf course for 2 1/2 months and am now just getting back out there, taking things easily at this point. I am still quite nervous I can re-injure things with one bad swing. However, I am again planning to upgrade my TSi 3 driver and TSi2 3W shafts, once I get back to hitting the ball like I did before the injury. In addition to the Ventus, I am also considering a Graphite Design Tour AD-HD, as well as a few other Tour AD models (DI, XC and IZ).

    So I would be happy to read about anyone's experience with any of the Ventus Velocore models or GD Tour AD line while I work back towards playing well enough to justify new exotic shafts.
  6. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    I've seen your other posts.
    You're gonna end up with a Ventus and a Tour Ad!!!
  7. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I'd lay odds you are correct!
  8. Craig D

    Craig D
    Canton, OH

    Doug, I have some of the same philosophies about spending some dollars and trying out something new outside and in actual play. Whether I get fit or not, I do quite a bit of research prior to purchasing, and for the most part, have got it pretty correct in the past. Latest interest was upgrading from a 917D3 9.5 degree (Diamana D+70 White Board, shortened 1 inch) which performed consistently to a TSi3. I chose to go with the AD XC 6 in S/R flex, cut down 1 inch. I had the chance to hit the XC7 in Stiff a few times indoors just to have a feel for the kick prior to moving forward with the purchase and to me, it had some similar feel to the whiteboard which I have had in my last 2 drivers. I have had the TSi3 9 degree in play for the last 5 weeks with no regrets. It performs consistently, launches similar but overall carry is increased even with a low/mid launch rating, and just going by where my ball ends up relative to my partners when we play each week, gained 5-10 yards. It is not too much shaft to handle for me considering my age and game. Dispersion is as good as my 917D3 setup and I find myself in the fairway often.
  9. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    That's encouraging to hear you are seeing such good results with the XC. As mentioned above, the XC has been one of my considerations, too. Presently, I play a Tensei Blue Raw 55 in stiff with no problem, but I am thinking an S/R flex in a 6 or 7 weight GD shaft, since they play a bit stiffer than a Tensei does. (And, I ain't gettin' any younger.)

    As Barry M implies above, it would not be unlike me to purchase and try out both the Blue and Red Ventus shafts in 5/6/7 weight options, as well as three or four Graphite Design Tour AD models, before finally picking one....or two...or three of them.

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