Hope to fit one iron but end up in another?

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By Nick Z

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  1. I recently went for a fitting for the new T-Series irons and deep down my heart wanted the T-200 to be the club for me as I absolutely loved the look.I tried T-200 and T-300 (not T-100 because let's be real), and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the same consistency with the 200 as I did with the 300. The T-300 with a project x lz 6.5 shaft performed unbelievably for me and was ultimatley my choice.

    Any one else had to swallow they're pride and go for an iron they didn't expect?! Personally I'm still really excited for them to arrive and I think this is a perfect testament to why it's crucial to GET FITTED. You just never know what's best for you till you try!

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Absolutely. Just finished with the new T100/T200 fitting and love the look and feel of both, but super crazy about the T100 look and feel. Unfortunately, even trying multiple shaft options, my swing is just too inconsistent to expect to score well/enjoy my iron play. It just made sense to go with the T200 which are still beautiful irons that perform super well. Similar thing happened a few years ago when the TSI drivers came out. I was sure that TS2 would match my needs but the fitting ended up putting me in TS3. You never really know until you fit them with multiple shaft options and let TrackMan and your ultimate needs determine your choice.
  3. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    When I got fitted for the 718's I really liked the look and feel of the AP3 and had great results with it. Dead center shots were fantastic, but slight misses were noticeable. I really wanted the AP3!!! First thought was I can improve my consistency and go with the AP3, but the more I switched back and forth with the AP1 the more I was convinced I would be happier with the AP1. Really looking forward to giving the new T300 a run. They look so much better than the first T300. I wish they could make a forged iron with the same forgiveness as the AP1.
  4. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Amen brother! Going through a fitting to see what works best is the only way to identify which clubs are best for you.
  5. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    I'll never forget back when Jack won the 1986 Masters, he was gaming a set of McGregor Muirfield "20th" Irons.
    Well, on Monday morning, everybody and his brother wanted a set. Google them and see what they look like. Most that wanted them could hit about 1 good shot out of a dozen swings. Most people seem to be enamored with looks and perceived feel of the one good swing instead of concentrating on the only thing that matters, consistent results. I grant you that you have to like what you are looking down at, at address, but in today's golf club market, I believe that there are a lot of nice looking game improvement clubs. I'm sure that the new T-300's will fit that niche very nicely.
  6. You are smart in trusting the process. That is how you get the right set of clubs. That is an interesting club/shaft combo. Out of curiosity, did you try the AMT Red? I thikn that is the stock shaft for the T300, and is high launch/high spin. I assume you were hitting the ball too high with it so they tried a mid-launch shaft. I have seen a lot of sets of the T300 on the golf course since last summer. Very popular iron. Great reviews from everyone I have seen playing that club. Enjoy the new clubs!

    I got fit for T200's last year. I had hit them many times indoors and really liked them. I'm not consistent enough to play the T100. I got fit at a Titleist Thursday and we ended up going with the T200's but with a different shaft than I thought they would put me in. I thought the AMT Black would launch too high but it was the right shaft. I could not get a high enough angle of descent with the Project X or Project X LZ. Tried the KB and a 120 gram DG as well. The AMT Black was the clear answer.
  7. You're exactly right! The AMT-Red shaft launched too high for me so after switching into the Project X the ball flight got much more penetrating, distance was where I wanted, and the spin numbers were great. I've gone through quite a few off-the-rack irons and never saw results like I did in this fitting. Lesson learned!
  8. It can go the other direction too, i remember a fitting i did for a younger guy (early 20's) played to an 8 handicap. He was looking at the 718 AP2's, was doing ok, nothing great, tried a few with the AP3's, but still not great. He then asks if he can just try the MB's out of curiosity. All of a sudden he is flushing it with every single shot. We go back to the AP2's and its just ok. Back to the MB's and he can't miss. I said how that is not normally what we see and he said "you know, I have been wanting blades for few years now, just never thought i was good enough." We made sure to try the 3 iron and pw and he was still flushing them, ended up going with the MB's. Point is sometimes players gravitate toward a certain club and many guys play this game for multitude of reasons, for some its the score on the card, for others its the satisfaction of absolutely flushing it with a blade and getting that ball to do exactly what you want it to. I remember shots i hit more than the score i finished with.
  9. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Started on AP1’s as my first fitted irons as I took up golf at 59. Kept hoping to move AP2, but it was not to be. Did push to go to AP3 and 95 g steel shafts.

    Moving back to T300. Needed a more optimal launch, spin, and descent. Goal is hold more greens from the same distance.

    At my age and LH, I’m almost limited to better fitting sites just to be able to demo, so professional fittings with their expertise is standard for me.
  10. I was fitted today for the new T series irons. Planned on making a combo set between the T100s and T200., I just wasn’t sure where I would make the switch in the set. I also was not opposed to a complete T200 set. After several swings with several different combinations, trying to get the right ball fight and spin, I ended up with a complete set of T100s irons. Not what I was expecting at all. I was struggling with too much spin and the ball ballooning, which made my lose distance, and I preferred the turf interaction with the T100s. Loved the look of the T200, but shocked by the results, I guess you just never know.

    I also went from 2* flat in my 714 AP2s, to standard lie in my new irons. Not sure why this worked! But 2* flat in the new irons was making me lose the ball to the right.
  11. Diego D

    Diego D
    Miami, FL

    These are amazing stories. Looking forward to fitted for the new Tseries.
  12. SG


    I was lucky enough to catch a Titleist fitting at Edwin Watts last week and ended up in a combo I wasn't expecting. First, I ended up in 100S. Second, I ended up in AMT black s300. As much as I wanted to play "traditional lofts", I was getting too much spin. I'm so glad that the 100s has the same look and especially feel of the 100's. I've been playing Project X LZ 6.5 in my AP3's and never thought my dispersion was as loose as it was until compared side to side with AMT black. So freakin' excited for my new irons!!!
  13. I recently did a full bag fitting at Club Champion. I'm a 7 handicap, but getting older (52) and have recently had my second hip replacement. I have no trouble hitting the middle of the club and prefer a smaller head, but wanted a bit more distance without sacrificing feel. Currently play cally CF16 Apex (4-7) and Apex Pro (8-PW). I don't like clubs that look too busy. To me, the miz MP lines are the sexiest club out there. After researching everything in the player distance iron category, my preferred irons going in to the fitting were: miz MP-20HMB, miz JPX-921, PXG 0311, Apex/Apex Pro, TM 790/770, srxn ZX5/7. I have never been a Titleist guy, or loyal to any brand for that matter, but nothing in the Titleist lineup attracted me from the on line reviews (hadn't seen them in person since most stores by me have nothing in stock during COVID). I hit all the above, but none really provided me more than I was currently getting from my Apex irons from 2016 (even with trying them with a plethora of shaft combinations). My two challenges were flight height and landing angle. With the 6 iron, I was getting about 65 feet of height, and a 41 degree landing angle. Then the fitter gave me the new T200 (2021). BOOM! Exactly what I was looking for. Great feel, excellent height (85 feet) and much better landing angle (45.4 degrees), plus another 8-10 yards! Now the wait for the clubs to be made, assembled, and shipped! It's hard playing rounds with my old clubs while I wait, knowing how much better they feel and perform...
  14. Carl C.

    Carl C.
    Davenport, IA

    Had the same experience. Currently gaming the T200 that I was fit for last year. Loved the look of the new T200s, so I went to check them out. They just did not perform for me. My fitter said "humor me" and put me in the T300. I was about a club longer, much tighter dispersion, and much better ball flight/angle of descent. So now I'm waiting on delivery of my new set of T300s. :)
  15. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Using/listening to the fitter and tracking devices, there are many surprised iron fittings with the new T series irons. In my case the original 300’s didn’t fit me as well as the 400’s Offered a chance to check out the new irons, I jumped at the chance to do so with no expectation of replacing the T400’s in the bag.
    While I loved the feel of the T200, as expected the performance did not match the 400’s. However, the T300 29 degree 7 iron was both longer and better launch and descent angle than the 26 degree T400.
    They came this week, and I’m happy for the change. I have the 400 “43” iron and that club ranks near 4 irons and 60 degree wedges for clubs I don’t do well with. The new P is the same loft with a much narrower sole. It is so much more versatile. Also longer than the 43 and leaves a wider gap from the 48 Vokey. Now planning on adding the W and then decide what to with the Vokey.
    The distance is not a full club more, but it’s not about just distance. Versatility counts as well.
  16. i love seeing a thread like this. i will be getting fitted in the next few months and am hoping to come home with some t200's. I currently play ap2's and could use a little more forgiveness. it wouldn't surprise me if i ended up with some type of combo set of t100/t200 or even t200/t300s. if i end up getting fitted for t200 would that match up with ap3s? or are the t series that different from the ap's that one might fit differneltly from ap's to t serises? ive been tempted to get a used set up 718 ap's and put the appropriate shaft on them to save some bucks...

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