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By Michael K

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  1. Hey Team Titleist community! This is my first post and I’m just curious to hear how many of you plan to purchase a box or two of the new ProV1x “Left Dash” balls that are set to hit the market October 1st? I recently started playing a (yellow) ProV1x and absolutely love it but I’m very intrigued by the “Left Dash” model and hope to pick up a box. I’m also interest in the availability/scarcity of the ball.


  2. Will definitely pick up a dozen to try.
  3. I wonder if anyone on here got to test the ball? I'm curious to know the difference in feel.
  4. Lance P

    Lance P
    Hillsborough, NC

    Welcome aboard Michael K. Love your work on the Yankee broadcasts...
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    MyGoldSpy has published an article on the Left -

    One description is the AVX is a low-spin/low launch, the X is a high-spin/high launch, and the dash is a low spin/high launch. Having moved to a 10.5 TS-1 (only LH option) from an 11.5 TS-2 since I last was fit for a ball, driver launch has been marginalized although acceptable. I may try a dozen to compare to the AVX with a launch monitor.
  6. Tyler H

    Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

    I played with them last weekend. I found them to play very well in the wind and hold their intended line. Not quite sure if I would make the switch, but for those that are high spin players, this might be a good ball to try.

  7. I will be giving the a go if I can get my hands on some
  8. Sean S

    Sean S
    Centreville, VA

    I have a dozen on order, as well as a dozen of the EXP 01 golf balls, cannot wait to test these against the Pro V1 and Pro V1x.
  9. I had a chance to pick up the left dash ($47.99 a dozen) at Carl's in Plymouth, MI. I passed as I already hit a high ball and didn't see the need to try the x. I'm going to try the EXP ball once it hits the store. Otherwise I will stick with the ProV1.

    Carl's did say that they are only selling 1 dozen per person.
  10. beaureed445

    Edmond, OK

    I picked up two dozen last Thursday, and played them on Saturday. I played alone, so I took the time to hit two shots on almost every hole- hit the left dash, and my usual pro-v1. The major takeaway was that it definitely hit it higher than "usual" and it tended to stop quicker......I was actually able to spin some approach shots back a few feet. I'm definitely going to continue to use up what I bought, and maybe test it against a pro v1x next time out.
  11. Christopher V

    Christopher V
    Edmond, OK

    Where did you snag them at?
  12. beaureed445

    Edmond, OK

    Christopher V said:

    Where did you snag them at?

    Edmond Golf. They're my go-to for everything.
  13. Christopher V

    Christopher V
    Edmond, OK

    I didn't even know they were there, I'll have to check them out this week!
  14. Titleist_AU_Fan

    Warsaw, IN

    Love that Titleist is offering these special limited releases. Very appreciated.
  15. Gregory W

    Gregory W
    Belleville, IL

    I am in Southern IL right outside STL. The manager at Golf Galaxy told me about these last week. Called a local course that is an authorized Titleist location. Didn't order any from the rep. Pro told me that he had to order 6 dozen so he declined. Went back to Golf Galaxy and the manager told me he could order, so I ordered 3 dozen (1 for me and 2 for buddies). Later that day the pro called me back and said he went ahead and ordered 6 dozen and I could have 2 dozen. Played the AVX for 2 years and love the ball just wished it was a little harder, so I hoping these are perfect.
    Trying to get my hands of these the two weeks - has been like trying to find a unicorn
  16. You'll notice a big difference on feel. Much firmer than AVX but flight is different. Like the regular ProV1x the Left Dash is a high flyer! I found the AVX to be as advertised with it's low ball flight. Main thing this ball has in common with AVX is just the lower spin.
  17. I picked up a sleeve to test them out and so far I'm liking the ball. Long time player of ProV1x but found them to just be spinning too much this year(partially the ball changed/partially I made some swing changes). Was peeling them back off the front of greens on full shots and checking too much on pitch shots that should have had the one hop and stop action.

    I switched to Bridgestone B XR a couple months ago and really love that ball(especially right now at around $34 a dozen). Lost a little distance off the tee with it but more than gained that back on the irons. Only spins back a couple of feet when I go after it and just easier over all to control the spin. Tour B X felt like a rock and wasn't a fan and Tour B XS feels amazing but is flighted too low and spins MORE than ProV1x. Home course has small greens and throwing it 10 yards past the pin on approach shots isn't an option most of the time.

    All that said needless to say I was thrilled to hear about the Left Dash coming out because there's nothing like the strong high flight of a ProV1x off the tee. It did seem to be spinning a little less off the irons for me and was a bomb ball off the tee. I've only played 9 holes with the ball so far so has yet to be seen if I'll make it my gamer. It definitely feels firmer than the ProV1x which isn't preferential as that's already a firm ball but if the performance is there I'll switch em.
  18. Mark H

    Mark H
    New Jersey

    I tested them on Trackman versus the standard ProV1x and saw a spin reduction of 300-350 RPM off of my irons. The feel was very similar between the two, but the flight was flatter and a bit less curve with the left dash, as would be expected with lower spin rates.
  19. Bob F

    Bob F

    Has anyone tried the prov1 dash ball. What did you see different in it vs the regular ball

  20. Played another 9 holes tonight with the left dash and am really liking this ball. It's just enough spin reduction that's making it easier for me to control on approach shots and around the green. Ball performed fantastic off all clubs.

    After the round went out on the first hole and dropped some balls at 155yds which is a smooth 8 iron for me. Hit three left dash ProV's....3 ProV1x...3 Bridgestone B XS... and 3 Bridgestone B RX

    1. Left Dash - 3 out of 3 on the green. All checked perfectly and were within a foot of just in front of their ball mark. 2 out of 3 landed just past pin high and the 3rd about a yard short of pin high. Not really noticing it to be lower flighted then the ProV1x.

    2. ProV1x - 2 out of 3 on the green. 2 balls were about 3-5ft behind their ball mark with the third on the fringe that spun off the green about 8ft. Flight is nice and high as you'd expect from this ball.

    3. Bridgestone B XS - 1 out of 3 on the green. Ball that hit the green came up about 5 yards short of pin high and spun back about 5 feet. One spun of the green and the 3rd was just a terrible swing that I fanned out right. Lowest flighted ball of the bunch.

    4. Bridgestone B RX - 1 out of 3 on the green. 2 that missed the green flew it. I have consistently found this ball to be a half club to club longer off the irons. 3rd ball that hit the green hit just past pin high and spun back a foot or so leaving it about 8 feet from the pin. Nice high flight and feels amazing. Flight window very similar to ProV1x. Seems to be more "forgiving" on off center strikes. Probably due to the lower compression.

    Conclusion so far is that I am really liking the left dash. It seems to have knocked just the right amount of spin off the ProV1x (my guess would be some where around 500-600revs). It's a toss up right now between the left dash and B RX at this point but am leaning toward making the left dash my gamer. The main thing I've always loved about Titleist balls is how accurate I am with them. Playing 18 on Saturday with the ball.

    PS....I repaired all of my ball marks as well as a few extras! LOL
  21. The pro shop at my club has some of these and it's the sort of thing I'd usually try just out of curiosity.

    But my last couple rounds, every time I hit a ball out of the rough or with a longer iron having a low trajectory and my ProV1x stops just before running off the back of the green I'm like, "Wow, glad I didn't have any less spin on that one".

    Kind of makes it less tempting to try the Left Dash. At least once or twice most rounds the spin and height I get with Pro V1x does me a big favor. Can't afford to give that up.
  22. I'm fully convinced that this ball is a winner and has a permanent place in the Titleist line up. Glad they brought it to market for the rest of us to try.

    I've committed to making it my gamer after my round tonight. Hit into several greens tonight with both the ProV1x and the Left Dash. Each time the ProV1x hit...hopped...and then zipped back 8-10 feet. Right off the green most occasions. The Left Dash did it's thing again and it hit...hopped and always ended up with in a couple feet of the pitch mark. Some times a foot or two in front and sometimes a couple feet behind. I haven't been able to trackman the ball yet. Whatever the numbers are the ball just works better on my home course. Much easier to control the spin on approach shots and around the green and this ball STILL SPINS. Zero concerns that it's gong to release and run through a green if I don't want it to release. I'll keep a dozen ProV1x's on hand for when I end up on courses that are a little faster and firmer with bigger greens and need the extra spin....because other than the spin reduction it feels pretty much like playing the same ball.

    One thing that I've noticed that I'd be curious to see if others are experiencing is that the ball seems to be holding up quite a bit better then the ProV1x. I'd sometimes only get a few holes in before I'd end up with a big scuff from hitting a wedge into a green but all 3 left dashes from the sleeve I bought are still in remarkable shape. I've played 3 rounds with them now as well as the test I did with them from 155yds out in the fairway.
  23. Love this ball. I tend to hit a lower ball and this has all the pluses of my current ball with a higher flight
  24. beaureed445

    Edmond, OK

    I'm a believer in this ball. I've played 2 full rounds, and I've hit more fairways and greens than I've hit all year. Also shot 2 of my lowest scores- 80 and 81. Yesterday, I hit 10/13 fairways, and my 3 misses were very easily recoverable (one was 3 yards left, one was 4 yards right, and one was hit through a dogleg fairway, and into the next fairway). As for ball flight, I've hit it noticeably higher (and farther) than the 2019 Pro V1 model that I've been playing all year.
  25. I recentlyHit the prov1X left Dash and it was 3 miles an hour faster than any other pro v1 ball. Any thoughts why?

  26. I've played a couple of rounds with the left dash and it's a winner for me. Our club is sold out of them and when I tried my local Golf Galaxy, they had no idea how to order them. Can I get them online?
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