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By charles e

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  1. charles e

    charles e

    I just switched from playing Wilson Staff clubs to Titleist I just recently swapped my WS irons to ap2 which I'm glad I did I get about 10 yards more out of each club with the ap2 the feel is great. Now have to trade out my WS wedges and get some Vokeys. Just wondering if I should go get fit for the wedges or just get same degrees and bounce as my WS?

  2. El bandito

    El bandito
    Bonny Scotland

    Go get fitted at a Titleist fitting centre.
    It’s the best thing any true golfer can do to improve on there game.
    You’ll learn so much about your swing, what’s best loft, lie, bounce, deg, launch angle, approach, etc etc.
    I was surprised how much I learned from my fitting experience.
    The sm7 wedges are the daddies!!

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