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By Richard A

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  1. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    Should I go for the AP3's now or should I wait to see what the new model has to offer. The AP1/2's probably wont change too much but the AP3's being a new model might.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I'd never assume that any of the APs will or will not change dramatically. The AP1s have been radically changed from 2 releases ago and the AP3 drew on the C-16 irons. The only iron I don't expect much change on is the MB. Now it is down to if you want or need a new set. If your current set is 2 or more releases old or you weren't fit for your current set, then getting fit now will make a difference this season. That is a need to improve now. If you only want a new set, will you have buyer's remorse by the end of August with the reviews of the next generation?
    Personally I'm so thrilled with my AP3s, I can't imagine they can be improved enough to be able to pry my current set from my fingers.
  3. james m

    james m
    South wales

    I haven’t long had a new set of AP3s and couldn’t be happier they’re the real deal I love them .If you want new clubs and want to treat yourself why wait the AP3s are a beautiful looking club
  4. It is a long time until October!
    Hopefully a lot of golf will be played through the spring and summer and who knows...they could transform your game
    If you don’t buy, the regret of a wasted season in your prime could be far worse than any buyers remorse

    Get a fitting and go for it then tell the team about your success we will be delighted for you
  5. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    I’m 65 play off a 10 handicap and I’ve a set of AP2 716’s which I was fitted for. I hit them ok, I just think it’s time to get something that’s more forgiving, better dispersion and more distance. I will go and try out the AP3’s and I’m hoping they will give me what I’m after.
  6. Waiting could mean a full season with your current set (whether that is a good thing or not). It is an expensive purchase... so if you want the newest toy, then wait. But I have had my AP3s for half a season and I absolutely love them.
  7. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    It is only about six months until the new ones will be released, so I would definitely wait. I currently play the 716 AP1s and am anxiously waiting to try the next line of AP3s myself. Going for a fitting and see what shafts and heads the Titleist fitters can come up with for me. Hit the current line later last year and hit them well but decided at that time to wait for the new line. I definitely vote for you WAITING......to close to the finish line.......
  8. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    The other thing I would like to know is preferably from a technical department. As the lofts are three degrees stronger than the AP2's will weakening the AP3's by one degree make any difference to the performance of the club, bearing in mind the bounce will also be altered by the same amount.
  9. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Am currently playing 716 AP1's. Will wait 'til the new irons come out. I feel that there will be improvements enough to upgrade.
  10. David ARK

    David ARK
    Sayville, NY

    Depends on how old your current set is and if you still have some life in them. But i'd say, buy them now. Life is too short and you never know what the future holds. Like someone else said...why waste an entire season, when you will see immediate improvement. These clubs hold their values pretty good, so you can always sell or trade them in down the line for the 720's or whatever they will be called. Go get fitted asap and go for it!
  11. Jim S

    Jim S
    East Point, GA

    I would go ahead and get the AP3'S. Like the old saying a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush.Who knows if you will like the new offerings.
  12. Rich K

    Rich K
    winston-salem, NC

    I'm looking to switch from steel to graphite, and currently play png G30s. I will probably look at AP1s & 3s. I might wait to see if any different shafts are available when the new clubs come out.
  13. I'm 65 yrs old and haven't played in 10 years. Got fitted for the AP3's. What a great club. Technology and quality. You won't be sorry if you take the plunge now.
  14. I don't imagine that the new model (October) will not be cheaper than the current version, if that is part of the equation.
    Dare I say that Brexit may (or alternatively, may not) impact that price through import duty.
  15. I must say that David ARK states it well, as I am a perfect example of "maybe I'll wait till next year" as I play a whole season with aged out technology. I get older, my clubs get older, and my game gets older! Go buy them!
  16. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    I’ve got an appointment for a Titleist Thursday at the Gog Magog near Cambridge on the 11th April so I will get a chance to see
    properly what they’re like and to get some feedback on future releases.
  17. Has it been confirmed that the new AP3s will be released in October 2019?
  18. Stan J

    Stan J
    St johns, FL

    My 2 cents. Golf club performance has not "drastically" changed in the last ten years (the lofts have) let alone one release to another. Yes, the AP1 has a marked improvement from previous versions but it is mainly in looks and feel. Not something that is going to take five strokes off your game. I tried the AP3's and I can tell you I AM GETTING THEM but what I do is throw two hundred a month in a jar. If a new release comes out by the time I have saved enough I will try it. If not I buy the ones I liked six months ago.
  19. I was recently debating the exact same question a couple weeks ago. My thought was this; I hit the AP3’s so well, that there was no way I couldn’t get them now. Yes a new model will be coming out soon but I can always play these until the Spring or around then. These clubs hold a high trade value and options will be there come time to “possibly” want to upgrade. If you hit these AP3s well, don’t wait. You don’t know what the new ones will be like. I however was hitting M2s so I just switched from TM and the difference in my game was astonishing. So that also played a huge part for me. I will try out the 720s when they come out. If they improve on what I’m seeing now, I’ll probably get to work on trading in. I know one thing, not a chance I was playing those M2s another season after hitting the AP3s.
  20. I’ve had the AP3s since they first came out and could not be more pleased. The look, and finish are outstanding and the feel is fantastic. I am an equipment nut who typically changes irons every two years but for the first time will be playing these for another cycle.

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