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By Michael L

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  1. Who will win this year's Men's US Open? I'm hoping for someone to win their first major. (Fowler, Mickelson, Kuchar) and it comes down to a putt on the 72nd hole for the win.

  2. My Bad! I meant their first US OPEN! I realize Mickelson has won other Majors!


    I hope that Phil wins, I feel like his game is coming into form.

    You can't count out Rickie though, he needs to play loose and carefree. I feel like his game is so much better when he's aggressive.

    If Tiger wins, the whole golf world might implode, so that would be cool as well.

    My pick is Phil the thrill.

  4. Elson C

    Elson C

    hoping for Ricky to win it
  5. Jonathan L

    Jonathan L
    Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

    I’d love to see Rickie win. It would definitely be the cherry on top for him with his recent engagement and the fact he seems to be a genuinely nice guy and credit to the sport.
  6. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    The great thing about the PGA Tour right now, you just never know. Too many guys to list.
  7. Mike W

    Mike W
    South Riding, VA

    Phil won't win it until he realizes that he doesn't have to swing 100% with his driver. With his iron and wedge game all he has to do is hit it down the fairway, (obvious right?) even if he has a little longer in than the other guys in the group. His driver accuracy is horrible and it puts too much stress on him for the remainder of the hole. Just my .02cents.
  8. tony k

    tony k
    bradenton, FL

    Why not throw in Peter Uihlein as a dark horse!
  9. Pulling for Phil, Jordan, Kutcher, and Ricky; always favorites to watch.

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