An Accurate Depiction

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By Elson C

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  1. Elson C

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    Saw this and the glove fits, so I cannot be acquitted

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    I love it Elson.

    Put a smile on my face this morning, thanks for that. Hopefully you look like "What I think I do" more than "What I actually do" in the future.

  3. Lance P
    hillsborough, NC

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    Very funny and all true in my case (except I do not own a ball retriever).
  4. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Very interesting view and did make me laugh.......
  5. Michael JC
    Orwell, VT

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    Made me laugh also, no ball retriever in my bag tho...
  6. Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

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    Great post Elson, It's so important to be able to laugh at yourself. I do it all the time. Thanks for the laugh!!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  7. Sam R
    Swindon, Wiltshire

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    I was looking at my work calendar before I left the office for the Easter weekend, my next full 5 day week isn't until the 2nd week of June now!

    Combination of golf days, bank holidays and stag do's/weekends away and i'm an unofficial part timer at work/part time golfer! :D
  8. Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

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    Thank you for this.
  9. Tom P
    Stanley, NC

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    Very, very true. My wife’s relatives all hunt and fish. What I hear from them is: “You can’t eat those golf balls”. My comeback is : “Yeah, but I sure can enjoy being outside in the sun with my friends and having a cold beverage to finish it off.” And I don’t have to purchase a special license or permit to enjoy golf.
    Thanks for sharing.

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