Where do you play most your golf?

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By No'l

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  1. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    When I started golf, I played in just about any short course and later the Muni courses around Los Angeles. Although my step dad was a golf pro at one of the most prestigious courses in L.A., I've only played there a few times... maybe a little more than a few.

    In the the beginning of 2000 through the end of 2014, I belonged to a modest but a quiet private club where I spent many golfing days. Some times, too many. But when California was having trouble with drought, and high water cost, the membership in just about every club suffered. Many of my regulars left the club till the membership dwindled and assessments began...etc. I felt sorry for leaving, but I went back to playing the munis and later found my old friends from the same club. We played all over town, counties, and nearby states. It was fun! I still keep in touch with them and we do a couple of annual visit between a couple of states but I mostly play the local event.

    Not long after that, I met friends who plays at an Air Force Base. I said to myself at first, "How much fun could that be?" Well, to my surprise, the people there are great, but the course isn't a great course, although you can't sleep on it. We have a lot of fun in the little men's club we have there. We road trip a few times a year and even visit some of the gems around as well as the nearby states.

    I'm sure many of you here have many interesting stories and experiences about where you play. We'd love to hear to hear about where you play most your golf- at least I would.


  2. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    The PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, FL. We have 3 courses so you never get bored playing the same course all the time.
  3. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    Frank P said:

    The PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, FL. We have 3 courses so you never get bored playing the same course all the time.

    I bet that's a blast of great times! I also read your post about an upcoming PGA Professional tour there- that must be pretty cool!
  4. Abdon M

    Abdon M
    Northern California

    I'm fortunate to be a member at a couple of private clubs: one is year 'round and the other is seasonal because it snows there in the winter. In addition, I belong to an associate club. Each has their unique qualities which makes it fun to belong. For example with the associate club, there a 8 of us who go to a couple of golf trips a year (going on 9 years now) and we have a great time. I like the private clubs because one of them is very close to my house and it's easy to go out there and practice or do a quick 9 any time I want.
  5. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    I played my first round at a 9 hole muni almost 50years ago, and I'm still there. In between however, is another matter altogether.The game came to me quickly, and I was good enough to play on my college team, which gave me access on occasion, to some of the best golf courses in New England.

    In 1999 I was fortunate to pick up a part time job at private club ,north of Boston. I was a starter on Sunday mornings for 18 seasons. The membership and professional staff were generous and kind in affording me the privilege of playing there on a regular basis.

    Aside from that "fortuitous bounce", I'm a muni player through and through.
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Play three days a week in a senior men's group at the muni in Charleston. Also play the the Joint Base Charleston (Air Force and Naval Installations) and a few private courses with friends who are members.
  7. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Chuck Z said:

    Play three days a week in a senior men's group at the muni in Charleston. Also play the the Joint Base Charleston (Air Force and Naval Installations) and a few private courses with friends who are members.

    Living along the coast of S Carolina, we get to play golf most of the year. Our course has toughened up since all the greens have been changed over to tifeagle with Seth Raynor characteristics similar to Yeamans Hall and the Country Club of Charleston. All the bunkers have been changed with the same characteristics as well playing at least ten strokes harder. No longer your average "muni". Keeps our maintenance crews hoping with the air mowers around the bunkers. If you are in town for the PGA in a few weeks, go on line at the City of Charleston golf course site to get a tee time. They do not take walk-ons any longer or phone tee times.
  8. I play 90% of my rounds at Paradise Point Golf Club , Camp Lejeune, N.C . We do one golf trip a year to Parris Island. Play other private courses in the areas when invited by friends .

    Semper Fi
  9. JSmith

    Charlotte, NC

    Hilton Head.
  10. John M

    John M
    Asheville, North Carolina

    Asheville NC Muni
  11. Maple Chase Country Club, Winston-Salem, NC
  12. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    I play county public courses. There are quite a few in my county.

    I love Disney world golf too.
  13. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Only been playing for a dozen years. After a couple of years, it became too annoying to find time at municipal and public courses - no after work slots other than leagues and weekend times needed to be locked in by Monday. Joined a lower cost private club. Now at a crossroads. I retired this year and can play during the week. The club is getting a major overhaul next year to a TPC course. When it comes online in 2023 I’ll have had to use an alternative for 2022 and the TPC fees will be higher than the current rates. ....Good news for the courses - booked rounds are way up.
  14. Is it Lakeside? That course is like 5 minutes away from me and I can't play it. =(
  15. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    JAbe said:

    Is it Lakeside? That course is like 5 minutes away from me and I can't play it. =(

  16. Mohansic Golf Course, one of the Westchester County, NY public courses, is the one I play the most with my regular group. Try to play elsewhere every now and then, West Point, The Garrison in the area and try to play on vacation wherever we go.
  17. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    I live on the east coast (NH) so our season is usually short but never know with Mother Nature. Joined a course a few years ago, Portsmouth Country Club and it was HIGH on my list to be a member at. I've played a bunch around the Seacoast area (NH) and southern parts of Maine and IMO it's the best course around for the money. A course I never get tired of playing and need all your clubs b/c ya never know what Mother Nature will throw at you. I always enjoy bringing guests and a few years ago held a small TT outing. Would love to do it again but lots have changed since the pandemic and how popular golf has been over the last few years. Tee times are limited and need to act quick when they get released.

    Anyways, Portsmouth CC is my home course and that's where I play a lot of my golf. Truly lucky to be a member there.
  18. Fred L

    Fred L

    Up here on Long Island some of the best golf courses around. I primarily play at Crab Meadow on the North Shore overlooking the Long Island Sound. Will occasionally play others most notably Bethpage Black and Red.
  19. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I play are 4 local city courses, then I play courses in neighboring towns & all are public courses. Currently I am playing 3 times a week.

  20. I play the "par 3" in my yard (pasture) the most. As far as actual rounds, local public courses is all I play. I usually look for the best deals on green fees.
  21. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Have always played mostly public courses, but nicer ones. When I lived in CT, I was a member at Oxford Greens, which is one of the best public courses in the state. I played 85% of my rounds there. When I moved to MD six years ago, I became a 7-day, no restrictions member at Worthington Manor, another high-end public course. And, quite difficult (137 slope from the blue tees). It's a regular U.S. Open qualifying site. I play or practice there nearly everyday unless playing one of the many other great high-end public courses in my area, which I do maybe 20-30 times a year.

    When I've taken multi-day golf trips, they've been mostly to SC, FL, AZ, Las Vegas.
  22. Tim H

    Tim H
    St Louis, MO

    I play at Annbriar Golf Course in Waterloo IL, great public golf course outside St. Louis.
  23. Dave N

    Dave N
    Dade City, FL

    TR in Pasco county Fl. private course.
  24. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Our muni was recently recognized as the #19 municipal course in the top 30 by golf.com. It was recently renovated in the style of Seth Raynor and is a bear with very difficult greens and bunkers. Test my patience at least once a week. It is all about ball position on the green. I really love playing on the new course then enjoying visiting other courses around S Carolina, both public and private.
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