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By APhillips

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  1. Hi all at true. I am wanting to renew my wedges and am struggling to decide make up of lofts. I have a 46 degree pitching wedge and have always used 52 58 wedges. Has anyone tried 50 56 and not missed a lob wedge. I would be too confused with 3 wedges and need to close gap between pw and first wedge

  2. My PW is 46 degrees. From there I go 50/54/58. A 6 degree gap is a little more than I would like. I suspect most on here do 4 degrees or 5 max.
  3. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Normal set up with 46 PW + 3 Vokeys is 50, 54, 58. I used to play 52/56/60 when the old AP2 PW was 47*, but when they changed it to a 46* PW when I upgraded my AP2 712s to the newer AP2 716s, I switched over to a 50/54/58 and have never looked back, through 3 sets of SM6s and now SM7s.

    If I were only going to play 2 Vokeys, I might consider a 50 bent to 51 and a 56. But, that's not happening for me. I don't think I could live without a 3 Vokey wedge set up as I have played since 2008.
  4. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    Unless you are exceptional with the 58 degree I would drop it and go with the the 50 and one of the 54 or 56 wedges- you will adapt and eventually wonder why you ever had the 58 degree wedge.
  5. I play a my 46 degree AP2 P Wedge (bent to 45) then SM7's 50, 54 (bent to 55) and a 60. This way I have 4 degrees (12 yards) between my irons and 5 degrees (15 yards ) on my wedges with a full swing.
  6. Best thing would be to go to a Titleist Thursday or fitting day and test the different wedges. You want to fit your wedges to manage the gapping. As for myself, I play my AP2 pw @46* (135 yds) then I use a 50* bent to 51*(120 yds), 54* bent to 55* (100yds) , and a 60* bent to 59*(85 yds and below. This keeps my gaps consistent at @ 15 yds between them all. You will usually want to have about a 4-6 deg gap in your wedges. With some of the grinds you could prob get away with the 56*M and open the face for lobs.
  7. Jonathan L

    Jonathan L
    Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

    Hi. I use to have 46, 50, 56 and have recently changed to 46, 52, 58.

    Despite only being 2 degrees difference I definitely prefer the 52 and 58, I just found chipping around the greens was a lot easier with a little extra loft and I could gap them slightly better.

    But in the end it all depends on what you're wanting from it all and if it works for you.
  8. I have the new 718 AP2's in which I have a 46*PW. I use a 50* 54* and a 60* wedge to accompany that and I find my distance is perfectly gapped. Maybe get fit? or even better find a Titleist Thursday near you to get fit.
  9. David T

    David T
    Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

    I too played a 46* (SM6) PW and a 52* and 58* and played my 2nd round last night with a new 50* & 54* and the old 58*.

    All I can say is what the heck was I thinking!! I knew exactly how far I hit my 52* & 58* combination and now I'm standing there at my bag thinking a 54* is only 2* less than a 52* so it should go 5 yards less and on and on and on.

    All I can say is think long and hard before switching up your wedge set-up unless you unless you want to spend some serious Trackman time re-calibrating your distances.
  10. Hi guys- thank you for all of your responses- I stayed with a 52 58 set up in sm7’s, f grind in 52 and s grind in 58. 15 yards gap between these two and a slightly larger 20 yard gap between 52 and 46 but leaves room to leave my tmb 2 iron in the bag. Thanks again- really insightful comments helped me consider every option and all views are correct- we all play differently

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