The golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot

When you use a Titleist golf ball that is properly fit to your game, and play the same model, on every shot, on every hole, during every round, it places you on the path to a more consistent game and ultimately lower scores.

Ball on Tee

The Key to lowering your score is improving your
performance on the "Scoring Shots"-
Approach shots, pitches and chips.

The Key to lowering your score is improving your
performance on the "Scoring Shots"-
Approach shots, pitches and chips.

While driver distance is important, golfers average only 14 drives per round - a few extra yards off the tee is not game-changing. We prioritize fitting players into golf balls that will optimize their performance on the scoring shots. Pros and amateurs alike shoot lower scores when they save shots into and around the green.

If you shoot 70

If you shoot 85

If you shoot 100


Scoring Shots


Shots per round based on average score

The Importance of Spin

The Importance of Spin

Driver Spin

Off the tee, all Titleist golf balls offer low spin, and when tested with a driver there is less than a 500 RPM difference between all models.

Short Game Spin

On the scoring shots, the difference in spin rate between models is significant and game-changing. When tested, the difference in spin rate can be greater than 1500 RPMs between models, with Pro V1 and Pro V1x providing the best spin on the scoring shots for all golfers.

Hit the ball closer to the Pin

Hit the ball closer to the Pin

One key to shooting lower scores is to make more putts. Playing a golf ball that provides more spin and improved performance in the short game makes it easier to hit closer to your target, leaving you with consistently shorter putts. The percentages speak for themselves: shorter putts are holed far more frequently at every skill level.

The Shorter your putt, THE MORE OFTEN YOU MAKE IT

Percentage of putts holed from each distance



Understanding swing speed

Understanding swing speed

Same Player. Different Shots. Different Speeds.


97MPH Swing Speed


83MPH Swing Speed

Pitching Wedge

68MPH Swing Speed

30 Yard Pitch Shot

24MPH Swing Speed

Many golfers are led to believe they should be fit for a golf ball based solely on their driver swing speed. This is a flawed approach. The truth is golfers use a wide range of swing speeds to execute the vast array of shots required in every round. The golf ball must perform with every club, at every speed, on every shot.

Compression. Don't Believe The hype

Compression. Don't Believe The hype

Some golfers tell us they don’t compress the ball enough to play a Pro V1 or Pro V1x. This simply isn’t true. Compression is solely a test of the relative softness of a golf ball, and a golfer that has a “feel” preference for a softer ball may prefer a lower compression ball.

High Swing Speed Driver

Low Swing Speed Driver

High speed photography shows that the difference in ball compression at widely varied swing speeds is virtually indistinguishable.

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