KnowRight Metal Woods

The Club Designed for Slicers.
For golfers who know the right side of every course far too well, Titleist has developed the KnowRight line of metal woods. The "KnowRight" will help keep golfers straight down the middle.

  • Overview

    The KnowRight features an offset hosel design in combination with a lack of face progression that helps to square up the face at impact. A compact head design allows additional internal heel weighting for superior dynamic trajectory. The KnowRight features a traditionally shaped head which creates more confidence at address in even the most difficult lies. An upright lie angle contributes to the high, right to left trajectory. To minimize ground interference, particularly in difficult lies, the KnowRight features a radiuses heel to toe sole plate. Available in a wide array of loft options and flex options for men, women and seniors, the KnowRight can be properly selected for any player's specific launch dynamics.

  • Specs
    Length 43.5"-43" 42.5"-42" 43"-42.5" 42"-41.5" 41.5"-41" 41"-40.5" 40.5"-40" 41.5"-40"
    Loft 12 12D 14 15 17 20 23 27
    Lie 57° 57° 58° 58° 58.5° 59° 59.5° 60°