• Overview

    Product Parameters

    - Larger head than the Titleist 975J and the 975JVS

    - 350cc head/.335 parallel tip - square face angle

    - Highly accepted 975 "true pear" profile

    - Size increased proportionately over the 975J

    - 20% increase in volume


    4pc multi component welded construction larger, full face plate for higher COR, ball speed 15-3-3-3 beta titanium face formed from cold rolled sheet for high strength, thin and durable construction face insert is uniformly thin


    Larger head size for slightly higher launch angle -Strategic weight chip on sole plate creates slight backweight and deeper CG also biased slightly towards heel to help promote playability


    - Larger, more compliant (flexible) face insert produces slightly lower spin

    - Combined with higher launch for longer, straighter distance


    - Weight pad positioned for straighter ball flight and/or slight fade tendency

    - Lower spin and larger head help reduce hook/draw miss.

    Other Design Features

    - Thru-bore shaft design for feel and stability

    - Traditional hosel length

    - Internal thru-bore tube creates a longer shaft insertion depth for stability

    - Hosel and thru-bore bias weight closer to shaft axis

    - Adds shot and trajectory control

    - Traditional bulge and roll for smaller contact point, better energy transfer

    Other Appearance Features

    - Crown has traditional curvature with high point towards toe

    - Crown blends seamlessly into the hosel, no steps or breaks

    - Traditional bulge and roll radius of 10.5"

    - More traditional appearance and face curvature

    - Additional roll helps show loft

    - Square face angle both mechanically and visually

    - Traditional face progression

    - More than most larger headed drivers for better appearance

    - Proportional to head size and bulge radius

    Playing position summary

    - Face is balanced in playing position

    - Profile is continuous and seamless to the eye, no disconnects

    - Face blends to toe, toe to back, back to heek, heel back to the face

    - All blends are smooth

    - All features are proportionate

    - Look is purely sophisticated

    - Attractive Titleist "smokey gray" paint

    - Masked face, sole and hosel

    - Titleist fulcrum on crown

    - New scoreline pattern vs.975J

    - No scoring in impact area for face strength

    - Trademark has been filed on scoreline appearance

    - Pro Titanium sole graphics

    - Recognizable sole scallops

    - Sole weight port centralized in diamond bar

  • Specs
    Length 45" 45" 45" 45" 460cc
    Loft 7.5° 8.5 9.5 10.5 11.5
    Lie 57 57 57 57 57
    Swing Wt D-4 D-4 D-4 D-4 D-4

    * Available in RH only