Vokey Limited Edition Wedges

  • Overview

    60V ("V" shaped sole design)

    - 200 series profile

    - Split sole design with heel, toe and trailing edge relief (minimizes ground drag).

    - Small, central V shaped surface with aggressive bounce (speeds club through turf/allows leading edge to slide under the ball).

    - Heel and toe relief allows for versatility (blade can be easily opened or closed/plays with less bounce than labeled).

    60M ("M"ost favorite tour grind)

    - 200 series profile

    - Wide, crescent shaped bounce surface (promotes stability through turf and sand/clubhead maintains path without digging or skipping).

    - Heel, toe and trailing edge relief allows for versatility.

    60P ("Preworn sole design)

    - 200 series profile

    - Wide, pre-worn sole design (relieved midsole area).

    - Plays with more bounce than labeled.

    - Well suited to aggressive players, club will not dig.

  • Specs
    Length 35" 35" 35"
    Loft 60° 60° 60°
    Lie 64° 64° 64°
    Swing Wt D5 D5 D5
    Bounce 18° 10°