Pro Titanium 983K Driver

The 983K driver features a 365cc full pear profile. The larger head size compared to the 983E, produces a moderate launch angle and higher moment of inertia for playability. The slightly heel-biased internal weighting and deeper CG produce a moderate spin rate and an easy-to-square face. The result is a highly playable driver with an ideal initial trajectory, and long straight flight.

  • Overview

    Thin outer flange supports the face insert to produce a higher COR over a larger area of the face.

    Large, thin, beta titanium face insert produces higher ball speed and maximum allowable COR.

    High quality plasma face weld produces more consistent ball speed and COR performance, and improves weight distribution by eliminating excess weld material.

    Larger head size and deeper CG produce a higher moment of inertia for playability. Slight internal weight bias toward the heel allows the face to close and helps eliminate the high right miss.

    Increased wall thickness in the rear skirt area produces a deeper CG for a slightly higher initial launch angle. Face height in relation to vertical CG location produces moderate to lower spin for long, straight distance. Traditional, balanced and continuous profile with smooth blends and proportionate features make the Titanium 983K driver a modern classic.