Pro Trajectory 980F Fairway

The 980F Fairways offer launch condition, ball flight and playability improvements, along with optimizing current design technology with great looks. Our goal is to provide the serious golfer with a refined and more optimal launch condition, ball flight and playability experience.

  • Overview

    Utilizing a two-piece face pull construction, the 980 fairway metals feature a thinner face insert plate that contributes to a higher ball speed, better feel and hotter flight. A thin outer face flange supports the face insert to maintain consistent ball-speed and feel across the face. An improved sole design includes continuous curvature from heel to toe with no sole break at the side walls, and a beveled leading edge to improve playability by reducing ground interference from all types of lie conditions from thin fairways to deep rough. The center of gravity and internal weight distribution has been refined for improved launch performance and ball flight producing less spin for an optimum downrange trajectory - high and flat - the hallmark of all Titleist metal woods.

  • Specs

    Available in: 13, 15, 17, 19 degrees