Pro Trajectory 980F Strong Fairway

The 980F Fairways offer launch condition, ball flight and playability improvements, along with optimizing current design technology with great looks. Our goal is to provide the serious golfer with a refined and more optimal launch condition, ball flight and playability experience.

  • Overview

    The 980F Strong features a slightly smaller profile and a deeper face compared to the 980F for a lower launch and reduced spin producing a flatter trajectory.

    The 980F Strong benefits the stronger or higher ball speed player seeking trajectory control.

    - Titleist's highly accepted true pear profile.

    - 2-piece face pull construction. A thin face plate and thinner outer face flange supports the insert for hotter feel and consistent ball speed.

    - Smaller profile and deeper head than the 980F. Forward CG position with deeper face reduces spin.

    - Continuous sole radius improves playability, reduces ground interference.

    - Neutral weight bias for neutral flight tendency. Blind bore through hosel provides increased shaft insertion depth for greater tip stability.

    - Continuous sole curvature from heel-to-toe.

    - New 980F Strong red and black mustang vinyl headcover.