The Tour-inspired Titleist 906F2 fairway metals raise the bar for long game performance.

MSRP: $225 (graphite) $200 (steel)

  • Overview

    Born from extensive ground-sole contact research with the world’s best players, 906F2 utilizes an innovative Multi-Relief Sole™ design that allows for crisp, solid contact from a variety of turf conditions.

    The Multi-Relief Sole provides greater ground clearance at the trailing edge of the sole to minimize turf resistance. This significantly improves upon prior generation fairway metal performance by ensuring that the ground-sole contact point remains forward, toward the leading edge of the club.

    Maintaining a forward ground-sole contact point improves directional control and ball flight by reducing the potential of the club to bounce or skip into the ball - especially from closely mown fairways, for players who play the ball forward in their stance or for players who sweep the ball from the turf with a shallow attack angle.

    The 906F2 fairway metals utilize a multi-material construction with a separate face insert for maximum ball speed and a hot, lively feel. A repositioned weight bed in the sole of the body optimizes the CG forward, closer to the face for less draw bias than prior generation fairway metals. This reduces dynamic face closure for a neutral ball flight that allows the player to dictate the shot shape.

    A wider face area offers greater forgiveness and playability while full-length scorelines provide more consistent spin from longer grass or wet conditions. The Tour-preferred Titleist pear shaped profile with a perfectly square face angle deliver the looks and confidence better players demand. Because we believe, as they do, that every club is a scoring club.