Vokey 400 Series

The 400 Design feature a classic square shape with a higher heel and less toe peak. Offered in Chrome.
  • Overview

    Product Parameters:

    8620 Carbon Steel - Investment Cast"U" Groove

    • 452.08 - moderate to narrow sole width and reduced bounce on this wedge make it ideal for shots from hard packed sand or long bunkers. Moderate sole camber makes it an excellent fairway wedge, and good for greenside chipping and run-up shots.
    • 456.10 - a versatile tour styled sand wedge with a square profile.The moderate sole width, bounce and camber make it effective from a variety of conditions.
    • 456.14 - a square profile and minimal offset. A players sandwedge with a strong bounce asset and narrow sole with slight camber. High center of gravity helps manage shot trajectory.
    • 460.08 - moderate bounce and slightly wider sole make this wedge ideal for high soft shots. Good from softer conditions.
  • Specs
    Length 35.5" 35.25" 35.25" 35"
    Loft 52° 56° 56° 60°
    Lie 64° 64° 64° 64°
    Swing Wt D3 D5 D5 D5
    Bounce 10° 14°