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Golf Balls


I'm reading about the new AVX ball that is just being tested. I would love to try it out here in upstate N.Y. this...

Scotty Cameron Putters

Got my Super Rat 2

Don't mean to brag, but I am really excited with my new addition. Got a 2017 Super Rat 2 with GSS inlay. All black shaft...

Golf Clubs


Picked up my new AP3's yesterday and went out this afternoon for a local 9 hole league. Hit no range balls and shot a 4...

Golf Clubs


Please come out with a black edition of the 917 woods. I've been using Titleist my whole life and the gray is making me...

Club Fitting

716 AP1 / 818 H1 mix

I've attended a Titleist fitting at PGA SS on a Saturday (1/2 hr) and Titleist Thursday at a course and decided to order...

Club Fitting

Thursday fittings

Hi everyone, Need some info from those of you that have participated in Thursday fittings. Are older sets of clubs...

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