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Wow !!

I just received my 2017 Pro V1x order through the Loyalty Rewarded Program. The time from order to delivery was 7 days! Superior service as always. ...

Golf Clubs

Loft and Lie

I want to buy a new set of AP1 through my Pro at my course. Do you loft and lie my clubs from the factory? What is the best...

Club Fitting

Shaft for my 917D3

Hi, So I currently have a 910D3 with a Diamana Kai'li 65 Mid Stiff Flex and I am looking to upgrade but want to make...

Golf Gear

Rain Gloves Fit and Feel

With the slow start to spring here in the northeast, desperate times call for desperate measures. Might have to start playing...

Golf Balls

MY PRO V1 Question

I saw this week the play pink number is an option in the MY PRO V1. It got me thinking if we could choose any color and any...

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