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Golf Gear

Team Titleist Gear

I wish we could get a shop for some Team Titleist gear, like backpacks, polos, pull overs, bag tags, lanyards, things of this...

Club Fitting

Titleist Thursdays

Had the chance to take part in a Titleist Thursday this afternoon and get fit for 917D3 at Griffith Harris in Greenwich, CT. ...

Golf Clubs

Titleist irons

So after a brief stint with miz, I decided to come back to Titleist. My question is how long does it take Titleist to ship...

Golf Clubs

915F 7 wood

I got fitted for new AP1 16 irons ( graphite ) love them. Also at same time got fitted for the 915F 7 wood. It was to...

Golf Balls

My ProV1 Program

I just received my first shipment of golf balls under the new My ProV1 program and they are awesome (see the attached...

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