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Golf Balls

Prototype Golf Ball Survey

This morning in my email inbox was a request to take a survey on the golf balls I have recently received. My mail person...

Golf Clubs

716 T-MB

Hi Could somebody please give me some info on how to get a full set of 716 T-MB's in the UK please.....have contacted...

Golf Clubs

New 3w

Just bought a Titleist 915f for my birthday. Love the club, but am I the only one that notices that it's at least 10yds...

Golf Clubs

Dynamic gold AMT

Who has the new Dynamic Gold AMT shafts? They are suppose to raise the ball flight of the long irons while keeping the short...

Golf Gear

Team Golf Hats

I am a high school golf coach in Iowa. I would like to get custom Titleist golf hats with our school logo. Does anyone have...

The Clubhouse

Shoes for after a round

Does anyone have shoes for after a round of golf to hangout or have dinner in the clubhouse? I usually wear flip flops after...

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