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C16 Drivers

I was fitted for C16 irons and driver last Spring. I recently asked my pro to replace the grip on my driver. He said originally they were to send...

The Clubhouse

Two Man Scramble

This weekend I played in a two man scramble with a good friend of mine, it was at the University course at Ole Miss and we...

On Tour

AmFam Champions Tour event

Did 3 days of marshal duty at this event this past weekend. Enjoyed seeing many of the former PGA competitors playing on the...

On Tour

JORDAN'S 10 Victory !

Big congratulations to Jordan on his 10th PGA,tour win. Just like his first victory, at the John Deer classic Jordan holes...

Golf Clubs

New Irons?

Hey guys! I'm new on here but iv been playing titleist since i was 10 (im 20) and have always loved the brand, my first...

Golf Balls

Early ProV1 Question

Hello. After being out of the game for seventeen years, the golf bug is biting again. I used to work for a golf course in...

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