Scotty putter Fitting

Hi John or David

Can I ask where abouts in Melbourne you went to be fitted for your putter?  I dont seem to be able to identify in the conversation where you ended up going.  I'm in the same position as you now so am curiuos where the best place is to be fitted.



Hi Dave, I second that, where in Sydney may i get fitted for a new SC putter like above?

Cheers, Simon

David actually invited me to Titleist head office for a tour of the place then we went across the road to MGA with half a dozen putters and tested them all out, different heads and shaft lengths , including a small lesson , fantastic day for me thanks Titleist once again.

First time that I am posting on TT...I have owned, tested and continue to own a number of Scotty Cameron putters. I have never been formally fitted and find that feel is the most critical thing for me to have success on the greens.

My only word of warning to anyone looking to purchase their first Scotty, beware as it can become a highly addictive activity but very enjoyable also.

Hi Dave,

I'm in the same position as John was, completely confused by the various lengths, lies, lofts and weights of Scotty Cameron putters, and that's before we ge to the different styles!

I've been to several golf retailers, including some premier golf clubs in Sydney to discuss this issue and attempt to get some resolution, however the sum total advice has been "just try a few and see what you like". Surely there is a more suitable / professional way to do this? Not to mention very few retailers carry enough different models to really get a 'fee' for the setup I need?

I'm really very reluctant to be the guy who spends $500 on a putter, only to have it not be right and end up in my cupboard or on ebay.

I hope someone can help me out?

Andrew Hargreaves

Hi David

I am just about to buy my firs Scotty Cameron putter but before ordering it, I would like to get properly fitted for it.  I have been thinking it would be the Select Newport 2, but would like to make sure this is the right putter for me and that the length, lie and weight are also correct for me.

What is the best way to do this.  I am in Melbourne and would love a tour of the Titleist factory if available.