FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (Jan. 24, 2013) – Titleist, the #1 ball in golf, has advanced its flagship Pro V1 and Pro V1x models, the world’s most trusted and best-selling golf balls. Driven by the pursuit of superior performance, Titleist delivers even more distance, softer feel and longer lasting durability in its 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1x models through new core and cover technologies.

The 2013 Pro V1 provides even softer feel, making it the softest Pro V1 yet. Golfers will also benefit from the Pro V1’s longer distance due to lower driver and long game spin, and a shallower angle of descent that produces more roll. The 2013 Pro V1x delivers even more distance and more consistent performance with its deep downrange peak trajectory, tight ball flight and outstanding spin control. Both new models feature an improved Urethane Elastomer cover and paint system that results in longer lasting durability while retaining a whiter, brighter finish. 

New Pro V1 and Pro V1x also maintain their outstanding Drop-and-Stop control, providing all golfers with the proven short-game scoring performance that contributes to shooting lower scores.

“Performance drives all of us at Titleist,” said Mary Lou Bohn, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing and Communications. “While it’s no easy task for our Golf Ball R&D team to improve upon our industry-leading products, new Pro V1 and Pro V1x are the best performing golf balls we’ve ever made and the best performance choice for all golfers looking to shoot lower scores.”

The 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1x have been tested and validated by golfers at every level of the game – including the world’s best tour professionals, PGA professionals and amateur golfers of all swing speeds – to resounding positive feedback and success. Among the early converters to the new golf balls were Adam Scott (Pro V1) and Luke Donald (Pro V1x), each player winning convincingly on the worldwide professional tours after putting the 2013 model in play.

“Golfers want exceptional distance in their long game and the best scoring performance for their short game,” said Bohn. “Yet they also value longer lasting durability. With our improved Urethane Elastomer cover system, golfers will not only experience an aerodynamically more consistent flight, they will notice their new Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf ball looking new and whiter longer.” 

Available in golf shops beginning Jan. 25, 2013, new Pro V1 and Pro V1x are manufactured to exacting standards in Titleist’s own world-class facilities. As a result, every Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf ball performs consistently for every golfer, every round and on every type of shot.

NEW PRO V1: Even Softer Feel, More Distance and Longer Lasting.

Using ZG process core technology to create an even softer compression, new Pro V1 delivers softer feel, more distance and longer lasting durability, to accompany the renowned Drop-and-Stop greenside control that golfers rely on to score their best.

“This is the softest Pro V1 we’ve ever made,” said Bill Morgan, Senior Vice President, Golf Ball R&D, Acushnet Company.

“Due to the softer ZG process core technology, new Pro V1 has a lower, more controlled flight with lower driver and long iron spin that results in a shallower angle of descent, providing golfers with even more distance. That softer compression also makes this the best-feeling Pro V1 yet and gives golfers an even greater sense of control with shots into and around the green.”

An improved Urethane Elastomer cover formulation and new paint system have increased the durability of the new Pro V1, making the ball look whiter and brighter longer, from shot to shot, hole to hole and round to round. The new cover and paint system also contributes to an aerodynamically more consistent golf ball. 

“We’ve made an improvement to the formulation of the urethane cover that retains its out-of-the-box appearance longer, and introduced a new paint system with exceptional adhesion to the cover,” Morgan said. “These two technologies combine to create a far more durable golf ball while still maintaining all of Pro V1’s outstanding scoring performance and the feel that golfers love.”

A responsive ionomeric casing layer and spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design also contribute to the new Pro V1's high performance tee-through-green. The 352-dimple pattern has five different dimple sizes and three axes of symmetry that help produce a penetrating ball flight that holds its line in the wind.

NEW PRO V1x: Even More Distance and Longer Lasting.

The new Pro V1x delivers even more distance with a lower, more consistent ball flight along with the same improved Urethane Elastomer cover and paint system that makes both Pro V1 models even longer lasting. A four-piece multi-component design, Pro V1x utilizes a new, very soft ZG process center within its dual core to maintain lower driver spin for exceptional distance while increasing iron spin for control into the green.

“Using ZG process core technology in the center of the 2013 Pro V1x results in a more consistent core hardness and more consistent concentricity. Any time you can improve the uniformity of the golf ball, it translates into more consistent on-course performance for golfers.” Morgan said. “When golfers have less variation in their equipment, they have the opportunity to improve their performance.”    

Pro V1x also produces a slightly different launch condition than the prior generation model, and will fly a little bit lower with a tight ball flight, yet still maintain a deep downrange peak trajectory.

“Player feedback on the distance and flight of the new Pro V1x has been extremely positive. These players like that Pro V1x flies higher than a Pro V1 golf ball, yet they notice and appreciate that its new flight is in their preferred launch window,” Morgan said. “We’ve also been receiving overwhelming response to the improved durability, as golfers can’t wait to show us their golf ball after a few rounds of play.”  

With a responsive ionomeric casing layer and spherically-tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design, the new Pro V1x continues to provide a penetrating ball flight that cuts through the wind along with low long game spin and outstanding Drop-and-Stop short-game scoring performance.


Prior to their official launch in the marketplace, new Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls undergo rigorous machine and player testing. Titleist’s iterative process of listening to golfers’ needs, testing prototypes and further refining ensures the new models deliver meaningful performance improvements. The 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1x have been tested and validated by the world’s best tour players, as well as PGA professionals, competitive amateurs and golfers of all skill levels.

On the PGA Tour, the 2013 season began with more players teeing up 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1x models than any other golf ball. At the Sony Open, the first full-field event of the year, 62 players relied upon new Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls for their success. Fifty-five players put the 2013 models in play the following week at the Humana Challenge, including champion. The same day, David McKenzie played a 2013 Pro V1x in winning the Victorian PGA Championship in Australia.

A week earlier, in the first European Tour event of 2013, Louis Oosthuizen trusted a new Pro V1x to victory at the winners-only Volvo Golf Champions event, rallying from five shots back with a closing 6-under 66.

In total, new Pro V1 and Pro V1x players have combined for seven victories on the worldwide professional tours since the start of the tour seeding and validation process, highlighting a period of instant acceptance and success for the 2013 models.

On the same Sunday last November, Adam Scott and Luke Donald registered the first pair of wins for the new golf balls.

Scott, playing the 2013 Pro V1, posted a pair of weekend 67s on his way to a four-shot victory at the Australian Masters, his third consecutive top-8 finish after putting the new ball in play. Donald, playing the 2013 Pro V1x for the first time in competition at the Japan Tour’s Dunlop Phoenix event, opened with rounds of 64-65 and eventually won by five shots. The following week, he tied for third at the European Tour’s season finale, the DP World Tour Championship, playing his first 56 holes without a bogey.

The first week of December, Hiroyuki Fujita posted four rounds of 68 or better for a five-shot victory at the Japan Series JT Cup, his second event playing the 2013 Pro V1 on the Japan Tour. Two weeks later, Angel Cabrera trusted a 2013 Pro V1x in winning the PGA Tour Latinoamerica’s season finale, the Open de Argentina. Cabrera closed in 8-under 64 to win by four shots.

The 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls made their competitive debut on the PGA Tour in early October as the seeding and tour validation process began at the Shriners Hospital for Children Classic in Las Vegas. Eighteen players immediately switched to the new models that week, five of them finishing T-13 or better.

The following week at the Frys.com Classic, Jason Kokrak was one of 21 players that played the new models. Teeing up 2013 Pro V1x for the first time, Kokrak shot four rounds of 68 or better to finish runner-up and earn the best finish of his PGA Tour career. Jimmy Walker trusted Pro V1 to a T-4 finish that included a tournament-best 9-under 62 in the final round.

David Toms played the new Pro V1x for the first time a week later at the McGladrey Classic, where he also registered his best performance of the season, finishing second after a final-round 63. Toms was one of 27 players that week that relied on 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls for their success, as the momentum of tour player conversion continued around the world.

Other players that have put the 2013 Pro V1 in play include: Tim Clark, John Senden, John Huh, Jimmy Walker, Ken Duke and Charley Hoffman. The list of 2013 Pro V1x players also includes: Bubba Watson, Webb Simpson, Zach Johnson, Rickie Fowler, Nicolas Colsaerts, John Senden, Mark Wilson, Brendan Steele, Scott Stallings, Kenny Perry, Marc Leishman and Ben Crane.

Additionally, more than 45,000 golfers around the world participated in the R&D testing process, each golfer receiving new Pro V1 and Pro V1x prototype golf balls and having the opportunity to report their feedback through Team Titleist.


“I’m a guy that likes the softer feel… The feel (of 2013 Pro V1) is unreal. It’s the best feeling ball I’ve played ever.” – Charley Hoffman 

“I like to see a slightly lower ball flight on my driver. I feel like when I bring the ball flight down, I can control it a little better. And with this ball I’ve been able to do that, but also keep plenty of distance on it. I also like to see the ball fly a little higher with my irons, so it’s very hard to balance that, but somehow they’ve managed to be able to do that with the new Pro V1 … The new Pro V1 golf ball definitely has a softer feel which is something that I personally like. I feel that the soft feel, especially around the greens, is where I find the biggest benefit. That’s where you want the touch and the nice feel coming back up off the clubface and into your hands and you can really zero in on getting it close to the hole.” – Adam Scott

“It was an easy transition for me. The first thing I noticed was that durability (of the new Pro V1) was better, much better, so I don't have to keep using new a ball. I can use probably one or two balls during a round of golf. The spin rates were really good, and because the spin rates were good, the flight of the golf ball was much better. I really like it and I’m hitting it a little longer.” – John Huh

“I felt like I had really good control with it, and that I could really spin it when I wanted to. I was hitting it very far and I was fourth in driving distance for the week (at the Frys.com Open). The ball was really moving good. It feels good especially off the putter. This has been a really easy transition into the new ball.” – Jimmy Walker 

“I really like the trajectory of the new Pro V1. It has a penetrating flight to it yet still has plenty of height and performs very well in the wind. The trajectory fits my eye even better than the previous Pro V1 and it has a nice soft feel with the putter and around the greens. Iʼve been very happy with the performance of the golf ball.” – Ken Duke


“I put the 2013 Pro V1x into play for the first time last week (at the Dunlop Phoenix) and won on a tight, demanding golf course. From tee to green, I felt I had total control of distance, ball flight and shot shape, and on and around the greens the ball performed just as I needed in order to shoot winning numbers.” – Luke Donald

“The 2013 Pro V1x has all the characteristics I want. You want something that (flies) high but is low spin off the tee, but then something you can control with your wedges and your irons, in particular. When I say control, it’s all about trajectory and spin, so I feel like I can move it both ways and I’m getting the proper trajectory into the greens so that my distances are consistent and the spin is consistent. I’m really excited about it. It feels great off the putter and great around the green with my chipping and pitching.” – Zach Johnson 

“I’m a guy that hits my wedge shots really hard, I like to max out my lob wedge and sand wedge, and what I’ve seen is with the cover…I can play a ball a full round now. I can probably play it more than that…. The ball’s durability is great.” – Webb Simpson

“It was instantly great feel, great flight, and it did everything that I could ask out of a ball. … It’s definitely a little bit softer. It has a superior feel and you still get a lot of distance and a really good flight out of it. I’m not a guy that changes that easily so for me to just put it right in play really says a lot about how good it really is.” – Brendan Steele

It performs better, it does everything that the other ball did but better. It flights better, it’s a little bit softer and it just performs better in all circumstances. … The durability, that’s probably the thing I like the most. I was probably going through five or six balls a round with the other one and I didn’t really like changing that much and this ball holds up through the round better, especially for your average amateur player that’s going to play it. You can play it as long as you want to realistically and the ball still performs.” – Scott Stallings

“I know every time that Titleist makes a new ball, it’s going to be better. It’s going to be just as good, and then, better. There’s no reason to come up with the same ball. So they’re making a product that’s better. It’s going to be good for my game, it’s going to help my game, and help me get better. … When you see that name Titleist on the ball…you know you have confidence in it, you can pull off any shot. The ball’s going to react the way you want it to react. Now it just comes down to me swinging it the right way.” – Bubba Watson

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: The new 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls will ship to golf shops beginning Jan. 25, 2013, with a suggested retail price of $62 (MAP: $47.99).

PLAY NUMBERS: 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls are available in both standard and custom play numbers. Standard dozens include play numbers 1-4 (low) and 5-8 (high). Double-digit play numbers (00 and 11-99) are available for custom order through any Titleist golf shop, with a minimum order of one dozen. Dozens of the same single-digit number (1-9) are also available through custom order. Golfers interested in a custom play numbers should contact their local Titleist golf shop for pricing and availability.

FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (Dec. 10, 2012) – Delivering more performance from both turf and tee, the new Titleist 913 fairway metals and hybrids are built for more distance and control with the most precise fit available to all serious golfers.

Developed from extensive player testing and advanced engineering, the 913F and 913F.d Low Spin fairway metals and 913H and 913H.d hybrids are Titleist’s highest performing, most comprehensive designs, featuring optimized launch with reduced spin for longer distance and precision fitting provided by Titleist’s patented SureFit Tour adjustable hosel technology.

The 913 fairways and hybrids utilize a new SureFit Tour weight location on the sole of each club to help create distinct performance targets, all-around performance or lower spin with a penetrating flight. Golfers can select their models – 913F or 913F.d Low Spin, 913H or 913H.d – based on forgiveness or ball flight.

“The 913 line of fairway metals and hybrids represent another breakthrough in long game performance,” said Dan Stone, Vice President of Research and Development, Titleist Golf Clubs.

“We’ve applied some of the same advanced design strategies used in building the new 913 drivers to create more distance potential and greater forgiveness with the fairways and hybrids, while making further advances in ball flight, looks, sound and feel. Add in the fitting power of the SureFit Tour hosel, and you have the highest performing adjustable fairways and hybrids in the game.”

“Golfers are always looking for more distance and control in their long game, but they also need versatility,” said Steve Pelisek, General Manager, Titleist Golf Clubs. “The 913 fairways and hybrids not only deliver better performance, they provide serious golfers with more options to dial-in their set composition to fit their long game strategy and the way they play the game.”

MORE DISTANCE THROUGH IMPROVED LAUNCH CONDITIONS: The 913 fairway metals and hybrids feature center of gravity (CG) positions lower than the prior generation 910 models to further maximize distance potential through reduced spin while providing stability and forgiveness.

To accomplish this more optimal CG, the Titleist Golf Club R&D team made improvements to the head designs and SureFit Tour hosel structure, allowing for more discretionary mass to be redistributed low and deep in each head.

“In combination with a new flat SureFit Tour weight, this allowed us to really move our CGs to new performance thresholds and obtain improved distance potential,” Stone said.

With the 913 fairways, engineers utilized a new casting and polishing process to produce an ultra-thin crown, with a lower, flatter sole profile similar to the new 913 drivers. The 913 hybrids were refined with a sleeker, tour-inspired design. For both the 913 fairways and hybrids, Titleist R&D created a leaner SureFit Tour hosel with a lower hosel height and tapered sleeve, which benefits CG position as well as the appearance at address.

“All of the players we’ve tested with have commented on how much better the hosel looks in the address position. As a result, they have even more confidence standing over their shot,” said Pelisek.

The new SureFit Tour weight on the sole further optimizes the CG for speed and forgiveness. The weight has a new, flat geometry with a screw that holds the weight in place but does not extend up into the driver head, contributing to a lower overall CG.

913F vs. 913F.d LOW SPIN FAIRWAY METALS: While both the 913F and 913F.d Low Spin feature lower, more optimal CG locations for more distance potential, the new 913 fairway metals provide two distinct performance choices evident by the different locations of their SureFit Tour weights.

The 913F is a high performance, classic pear shaped fairway that delivers distance with stability through low and deep weighting for all-around performance from the turf and tee.

The 913F.d Low Spin is a high performance, larger full pear shaped fairway that delivers distance with lower spin (about 200 rpm less than 913F) from low and forward weighting for a more penetrating flight.

“Our player testing shows overall preference is split with the 913F and 913F.d Low Spin models, with many players incorporating both models into their long game setup,” Stone said.

“The 913F is our traditional fairway metal with all-around performance for players that want long distance with more forgiveness. The 913F.d Low Spin meets the needs of players wanting or needing spin reduction in their fairways due to the way they deliver the head.”

913H vs. 913H.d HYBRIDS: Like their fairway metal counterparts, the 913H and 913H.d models deliver more distance through optimized CG locations while offering two performance options to satisfy players’ needs.

The 913H is a high performance hybrid that delivers distance and stability through low and deep weighting for all-around performance.

The club has a new tour-inspired shape with a softer toe and a sleeker heel that promotes proper ground contact, with increased offset in the high-lofted models to improve appearance, playability and forgiveness.

The 913H, with the SureFit Tour weight located deep on the sole, has also been designed with progressive CG locations through the range of lofts for optimized launch and spin control to deliver proper distance and ball flight

“We look at hybrids as individual golf clubs. They’re being used to fill specific voids in a player’s set, they’re replacing irons or they’re filling a gap. That means they require that each one be designed with their own CG position such that you get the correct launch, spin and shot control for each club. As we move up in loft with the 913H models, the CG moves more forward to help maintain spin for proper shot control,” Stone said.

“We’ve also added offset to the high-lofted models for improved appearance, playability and forgiveness. That’s a preferred look as you’re moving from an iron into a hybrid. You don’t want your hybrid to look like a fairway wood as you’re making that transition.”

The 913H.d is a high performance hybrid that delivers distance with lower spin from low and forward weighting for a more penetrating flight.

The 913H.d has a more compact head than 913H with slightly more offset. The forward-positioned SureFit Tour weight and compact head combine to produce a forward-positioned CG location that provides spin and trajectory control for higher speed players or players that want or need to control spin based on how they deliver the head at impact.

“The 913H.d is a product our tour players wanted,” Pelisek said. “The forward CG really helps higher speed players control the flight and trajectory. And many players like the compact, more iron-like shape.  We decided to make the 913H.d available by custom-order-only in the market to allow our loyal Titleist golfers that need spin control access to a product that will be very popular on the PGA Tour.”

PRECISION FIT VIA “TOUR VAN-IN-A-HOSEL”: The best way to fully experience the technology and total performance of 913 fairways and hybrids is to be precision fit using Titleist’s patented, dual angle, industry-leading SureFit Tour adjustable hosel.

The SureFit Tour hosel allows golfers to set loft and lie independently to optimize ball flight – higher or lower, and for more draw or fade for improved shot control and maximum distance.

“We call it ‘Tour Van-in a hosel’ because that was our inspiration for designing SureFit Tour in that it provides all the power of a tour van – the ability to bend for loft and lie, and interchange shafts – right on the tee at the point of fitting,” Stone said.

The dual angle SureFit Tour hosel features a sleeve and ring, each with four settings. The sleeve settings are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 and the ring settings are lettered A, B, C, D. In total there are 16 settings, each creating a unique loft and lie combination.

A Titleist authorized fitter will utilize the SureFit Tour hosel, coupled with interchangeable shafts and SureFit Tour weights, to determine a player’s optimal setup so they are playing 913 fairway metals and hybrids fit precisely to their game.

“We’ve already seen the fitting effectiveness of the SureFit Tour hosel with the success of 910 metals,” Pelisek said. “Tour players on down to average golfers with more moderate swing speeds benefit greatly from a more precise fit.”

TOUR VALIDATION: The 913 fairways metals and hybrids have found instant acceptance and success since the seeding and validation process began on the worldwide professional tours.

The new models made their debut on the PGA Tour in late August at The Barclays, where 15 new 913 fairway metals and hybrids were immediately put in play. The following week at the Deutsche Bank Championship, 21 new 913 fairways and hybrids were in players’ bags. The winner of the event used 913F.d Low Spin 13.5º and 18º models. The same player won again the following week at the BMW Championship and added a third win with the new clubs at the European Tour’s season finale, the DP World Tour Championship.

Player counts have continued to climb, as a total of five players have combined for eight wins gaming new 913 fairway metals or hybrids. Most recently, Arnond “Bank” Vongvanij played a 913F.d Low Spin 13.5º in winning the King’s Cup for his first Asian Tour title.

Among the players with 913 fairways and hybrids in their bags are: Jason Dufner (913F.d 13.5º, 913H 19º), Bill Haas (913F 13.5º, 913H.d 18º), Geoff Ogilvy (913F.d 15º & 18º), Kyung-Tae Kim (913F.d 13.5º), Greg Chalmers (913F.d 13.5º, 913F 17º, 913H.d 20º), Scott Piercy (913F.d 15º), Ben Curtis (913F.d 13.5º, 913H.d 18º & 23º), Daisuke Maruyama (913F.d 13.5º & 18º, 913H.d 20º & 23º), Ben Crane (913F.d 15º), Bud Cauley (913F.d 13.5º) and Ben Kohles (913F 13.5º, 913H 17º).

BOLD LOOKS: The 913 fairways and hybrids have bold new cosmetics to match the new 913 drivers, with a striking, black PVD finish and a new black body paint that provides a sense of confidence and power at address.

IMPRESSIVE STOCK SHAFT MATRIX: The 913’s high performance stock shaft matrix features four tour-proven options, including three high performance aftermarket shafts (one from Aldila and two from Mitsubishi) to fit a wide range of players and swing speeds.

The stock fairway lineup includes the Aldila RIP Phenom 80 shaft, the Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 82 and Mitsubishi S+ Blue 72, along with the Titleist Bassara W 55 (S,R,A) and 45 (L) by Mitsubishi.

The stock hybrid lineup includes the Aldila RIP Phenom 80 HYB, the Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 92 HY, the Diamana S+ Blue 82 HY (S) and 72 HY (R), as well as the Titleist Bassara W 60 HYB (S,R,A) and 50 HYB (L) by Mitsubishi.

In addition, Titleist offers an industry-leading number of custom shaft choices.

Note: The new SureFit Tour hosel design in 913F, 913F.d Low Spin, 913H and 913H.d cannot accept shafts from Titleist 910 fairways or hybrids. Titleist is offering a re-tipping service to convert shafts from 910 to 913 compatible. Details are available through Titleist Custom Service.

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: The new 913F, 913F.d Low Spin, and 913H start shipping to golf shops Feb. 1, 2013. The new 913H.d is available custom order starting March 15, 2013. 913F and 913F.d Low Spin have a suggested retail price of $279 ($249 MAP). 913H and 913H.d have a suggested retail price of $259 ($229 MAP).

ON THE WEB: http://www.titleist.com/golf-clubs/fairways/default.aspx

New Titleist 913 Fairway Metals and Hybrids: Product specifications

 913F Specs
Composition: 17-4 Stainless Steel body with a 455 Steel face insert
• Lofts: 13.5º, 15º, 17º, 19º, 21º (RH & LH)
• Stock grip: Titleist Tour Velvet 360 degree rubber
• Head volumes: 160cc (13.5º, 15º) and 140cc (17º, 19º, 21º)

 913F.d Low Spin Specs
Composition: 17-4 Stainless Steel body with a 455 Steel face insert
• Lofts: 13.5º, 15º, 18º (RH & LH)
• Stock grip: Titleist Tour Velvet 360 degree rubber
• Head volume: 180cc

 913F, 913F.d Stock Shafts
• Aldila RIP Phenom 80
• Diamana D+ White 82
• Diamana S+ Blue 72
• Titleist Bassara W 55 (913F only)
• Titleist Bassara W 45 (913F only)

 913H Specs
Composition: 17-4 Stainless Steel body with a 455 Steel face insert
• Lofts: 17º, 19º, 21º, 24º, 27º (RH & LH)
• Stock grip: Titleist Tour Velvet 360 degree rubber
• Head volumes: 117cc (17º, 19º, 21º, 24º) and 112cc (27º)

 913H.d Low Spin Specs
Composition: 17-4 Stainless Steel body with a 455 Steel face insert
• Lofts: 18º, 20º, 23º (RH & LH)
• Stock grip: Titleist Tour Velvet 360 degree rubber
• Head volume: 100cc

 913H, 913H.d Stock Shafts
• Diamana D+ White 92 HY
• Diamana S+ Blue 82 HY
• Diamana S+ Blue 72 HY
• Titleist Bassara W 60 HYB (913H only)
• Titleist Bassara W 50 HYB (913H only)

Each 913F, 913F.d, 913H and 913H.d includes:
• 913 Headcover

 SureFit Tour Weights Available for Purchase:
Ergonomic Torque Wrench
• Foldout instruction booklet with Performance Guide

 SureFit Tour Weights Available for Purchase:
• Adjust for swingweight and feel preference
• SureFit Tour Weight Kit contains 4,7,9,11 and 14g flat weights
• Single Weights may also be purchased

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Here at Titleist we are honored to work closely with PGA Professionals all across the country. Their dedication to growing, teaching and managing the game of golf is inspiration to all of us.

This year, we are happy to congratulate the national award winners who have been recognized for taking this passion and commitment to the next level. And we’re honored to have them as brand ambassadors.


PGA of America National Award Winners

Mike Schultz – PGA Professional of the Year

Michael Breed – PGA Teacher of the Year

Harry Hammond Jr. – Bill Strausbaugh Award

Carl Alexander – Horton Smith Award

Mark Holiday – PGA Player Development Award

The #1 Ball in Golf - Wins in 2012


Titleist is the #1 ball for more players and more champions across the worldwide professional tours. In fact, to date in 2012, Titleist golf ball players have recorded 190 victories around the world, compared to 25 for the nearest competitor. Since the introduction of the Pro V1 in 2000, the golf ball franchise has been the golf ball of choice for more than 1,900 champions worldwide.

Below is a listing of tournaments won by Titleist golf ball players on the major worldwide professional tours in 2012.

TOUR (wins)


PGA TOUR (29) Hyundai Tournament of Champions Steve Stricker Pro V1x
  Sony Open in Hawaii Johnson Wagner Pro V1x
  Humana Challenge Mark Wilson Pro V1x
  Waste Management Phoenix Open Kyle Stanley Pro V1x
  Northern Trust Open Bill Haas Pro V1x
  WGC - Accenture Match Play Championship Hunter Mahan Pro V1x
  Mayakoba Classic John Huh Pro V1
  Honda Classic Rory McIlroy Pro V1x
  Transitions Championship Luke Donald Pro V1x
  Shell Houston Open Hunter Mahan Pro V1x
  THE MASTERS Bubba Watson Pro V1x
  Valero Texas Open Ben Curtis Pro V1x
  Zurich Classic of New Orleans Jason Dufner Pro V1
  Wells Fargo Championship Rickie Fowler Pro V1x
  HP Byron Nelson Championship Jason Dufner Pro V1
  Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial Zach Johnson Pro V1x
  The Travelers Championship Marc Leishman Pro V1x
  Greenbrier Classic Ted Potter, Jr. Pro V1x
  John Deere Classic Zach Johnson Pro V1x
  True South Classic Scott Stallings Pro V1x
  RBC Canadian Open Scott Piercy Pro V1x
  Reno-Tahoe Open J.J. Henry Pro V1x
  The Barclays Nick Watney Pro V1x
  Deutsche Bank Championship Rory McIlroy Pro V1x
  BMW Championship Rory McIlroy Pro V1x
  Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open Ryan Moore Pro V1
  Frys.com Open Jonas Blixt Pro V1x

FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (Nov. 1, 2012) – The #1 ball in golf is also the #1 gift in golf as Titleist's popular free personalization custom golf ball promotion returns for the holiday season.

From Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, 2012, personalization charges will be waived on all orders of Titleist Pro V1, Pro V1x, NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, Velocity and DT SoLo golf balls, cheerful news for the shopper with a golfer on their holiday gift list.

Whether it’s a name, holiday greeting, inspirational phrase or other unique message, gift givers can select up to three lines of block text (17 characters per line) to be imprinted on each golf ball in black, blue, green, red or pink ink.

The minimum order is just one dozen.

Orders can be placed by visiting any authorized Titleist golf shop. To locate a local Titleist golf shop, please visit the Titleist golf shop locator at: http://www.titleist.ca/find-a-golf-shop/.

 2012 Titleist Custom Holiday Promotion Details:
• Offer: Free personalization.
• Products: All Titleist golf ball models.

• Imprint: Black, Blue, Red, Green or Pink ink.
• 1 color per personalization.
• Maximum 17 characters per line, up to 3 lines of personalization.

• Minimum: 1 dozen (packaged in standard dozens).
• Dates: An order must be placed between Nov. 1-Dec. 31, 2012.
• Orders received by Dec. 7, 2012 are guaranteed to arrive by Dec. 24, 2012 via normal ground freight. Orders requesting Fast Forward Service must be received by Dec. 18, 2012.

*Note: Free personalization promotions are also running in Canada and Europe. Please refer to the Titleist website in each respective market for complete details.

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