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79, 93, and 2007 All three with Titleist balls Came within 2 inches a month ago for number 4! Love the way the Pro V plays

Unforgettable Hole in One

3 members of my golf crew and I routinely play our coastal town's short, yet challenging, city course, Indian Hills Golf Course ("The Hills"). The Hills, which...

Beat the Bobcat

I was playing in a Mother of Mercy High School charity event. On 2 of the par 3's, you competed against a member of the golf team. The golf team member hit first and stuck...

Rocky Mountain High

Got my first hole in one on 7/22 at Colorado Golf Club. I was playing in a par three tournament and hit it with three good friends on the tee box.

The long roll

August 6, 2017- Hole 6, Berkshire Valley Golf Course, NJ. 92 yards with a 9 iron. Took a long roll to the hole.

Hole In One On 57th Birthday

While visiting in laws in Pittsburgh, got the chance to play Chartiers Country Club. Made a hole in one on the 187 yard 7th hole. Plus it was my birthday. Golf Gods shined...

Dave's Hole in One

On 7/31/17 after 36 years of play, I had my first hole in one. I have a 20 handicap which is eight strokes better than when I retired and now have more time for golf. I moved...

Grayson's Hole In-One

I was trying out for the 8th grade golf team knowing I needed to make a splash on the last day of qualifying. Took out my PW knowing I had put a great swing on the ball, it...

Copeland Hole in One

It was Thursday August 3rd at Maplelanes Golf Course in Warren MI. I was playing 18 holes with my buddy Scott that was in from AZ. We were on the 5th hole which is a par 3 130...

Stewballs Ace

Perfect day at Bailey Creek Golf Club in Lake Almanor California. #4. 140 yard slightly up hill par 3. Hit a 9 iron over the flag about 12 feet and the Pro VIx backed up right...

SKI's Golf Outing

We were playing in a fund raiser for a local animal shelter. I had just turned 65 in June. The oldest daughter and son in law had their first baby on June 30th and this was...

Called the Shot!

Playing during our regular Thursday 9 hole league, my partner and I played close matches but were both closed out on the eighth hole. I then announced to the group that, since...


Hole in One on hole 14 at Aviara Golf Club. Yardage was 190 yards. Used my 5 Iron.

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