My story begins exactly one year ago. I am an Emergency Medicine physician practicing in Chicago. I received a call from my brother who lives in Denver. My brother and sister-in-law were playing golf and she suddenly collapsed due to a ruptured brain aneurism. After a prolonged recovery she is now doing wonderfully and has once again began golfing.

As a celebration of her miracle recovery, I came to Denver and we played the very course which her accident occurred. We played the fourth hole where she had collapsed and gave thanks to God for her return. The very next hole, as if divine intervention was in full force, I had a hole-in-one, using a Titleist Pro V1 ball...a test ball I received days earlier in Chicago.

What a day we had. This ball has a series of alternating lime green and orange dots with Titleist testing and 11V1 printing on it. To say the least I will cherish this ball and the memories that we experienced with Titleist being part of our celebration.

Grant Stover MD FACEP