Hole-in-one stories

On the 8th of August 2011 during a club competition at St.Ives (Hunts) Golf Club I managed to ace the 179 yard par 3 third using a 6 iron. The reaction was of complete astonishment as the ball bounced 10 foot short took two bounces and rolled into the hole.

Then on the 22nd October playing in an annual club match versus Cambridge University, me and my playing partner stepped onto the third tee. My opponent looked at me and said how badly he had played the hole in the morning 18 holes whilst we waited for the group in front to finish off the hole. I then told him about my hole in one which I had scored just two months prior and said to him actually the pin was in that exact position. My opponent then said how he had never seen a hole in one before and how he would love to see one.

Then what happened, I stepped up hit a 6 iron again and put it into the hole with the exact same shot. Surreal moment or what? We then had to take a few seconds to take in what had actually just happened, or did we both just imagine it! Consequently, he then hit his shot to 10 foot and rolled the putt in for a 2 and lost the hole! A completely ridiculous moment which without a doubt I will never forget!!!

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Golf Trip Ace

Eight of us have been going to Vegas for 15 years to play golf for a week in October. As part of the games we play, one is, if anyone gets a hole in hole, the other seven guys pay him $1 a yard. This is the second one I have had on this trip in seven years. What a sweet time to get a hole in one!!! I'm not to sure the other seven buddies would agree. They did however, get a great meal and drinks for the night on me!!

Rick Bartemeyer

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My ace at The Black Course

By: patc4

I was not much of a player when this happened so I was playing any ball pulled out of my bag. I happened to find a Pro V1 a couple of holes previous and put it in play. I teed up on the 152 par 3 14th and pulled out a 9 iron intending to play it safe to the middle of the green. My caddie told me, "you're hitting it good man, go for the front pin with this wedge". So I hit about 10 yards past the pin and watched it spin back and into the hole. The pin was in the same position as it was Sunday at the 2009 U.S. Open. While watching the event, I called my wife in to watch Tiger play the hole. He hit the exact same shot as me but he didn't play it as well as I did that day. He made a 2.

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First Ace with suspense

Late October in northwest Missouri. Temperature is going to be in the 70's, call the boss the night before and ask for vacation day.

Woke up the next morning early and wind is howling. All I could think was I should have not wasted a vacation day for this. Was I ever wrong.

Got to hole #6, pin is tucked back right behind the bunker, elevated green, 111 yards, wind was on my back and little left to right. Five people in our group. I hit what I thought was a perfect shot and knew it had a chance. Got to the green and saw 3 balls on and one in the bunker, I got very excited and walked to the cup,saw my ball. I think they heard me holler all the way to the clubhouse.It took me 35 years of playing. The only bad part was I could not see it go in the hole.My ball was a NXT Tour.

Thanks Titleist for making a fantastic ball. P.S. I am glad I did not take a sick day.

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My Bucket List

I was recently on a dream trip to Ireland to play golf and to support our USA Solheim Cup Team as they competed at Killeen Castle.

My five rounds of golf included the beautiful Palmer course at the famous K-Club.

On the 134 yard, par 3, 12th hole, I pulled out my club, teed up my TITLEIST HP3 DISTANCE and struck the ball cleanly. The ball headed toward the flagstick, took two bounces and disappeared into the hole!! It was a thrill and one of the highlights of my unforgettable trip. It was my second ace in the five years that I have been addicted to golf :)

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