Hole-in-one stories

Last golf day of the year

I was at work when I received a text..."may be the last day of the season...supposed to be 50 degrees today...who is in to play?" I immediately texted back..."I am in." As it turned out, there were eight of us in warm clothes, stocking caps and gloves as the wind chill was probably 40 or below. We broke into two competitive teams and on the second hole, a par three of 165 yards with a right to left strong wind and a front pin, my ball was turning righ to left toward the hole when my partner Al said, "kick left!" The ball hit the green, bounced left on command and went directly into the hole. The foursome let out a simutaneous shout. There was no doubt where the ball had gone.

It happened so fast I didn't have time to get too excited until later when I reflected on all the golf shots I have taken in my life and this is only my second hole in one. Reflecting on it causes you to realize just how rara an occurence it is. It takes a great shot and good luck as well...especially the day before Thanksgiving in Iowa when we are supposed to be shoveling snow!

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fifth hole in one

By: dickc1

Sixty one years after my first hole in one, I recorded number 5 on 11/29/2011 at The Reserve Golf Club of Pawleys Island, SC.

My playing partners David Scott and Guy Marier saw me use my 28 degree Ping hybrid to launch the Titleist NXT Tour
into the cup on the 135 yard 3rd hole.

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Half a hole in one

Not this shot - this happened three years ago. I claim this is an actual half-a-hole-in-one!

I was playing18th hole at Moorpark Country Club (9th hole on the Ridgeline Course) in southern California. The hole is 202 yds from the black tees we played that day, and it's ALL water carry from the tee box to the edge of the green, about 187 yds. The pin was far back left and the wind was howling at 30+ knots left to right; it was blowing so hard the extra long flag stick was bent in a big "C". I hit my Titleist 585H 19° (2-iron hybrid) at the center of the green with a modest draw into the wind. The ball landed on the front of the green and kicked left toward the hole. We watched as it rolled into the hole, but was pinched by the bent pin about half in the cup.

I know the rule, and my teaching pro, Ron Heinz (a Titleist player form Westlake Village Golf Club) confirmed: I can straighten (but not more) the bent pin, and if the ball drops the previous shot counts. We raced to the green, and as we stepped out of the cart the wind gusted VERY strongly. The flag stick whipped about, and the ball popped out to about 30 inches. I made the birdie put.

But THAT is a half a Hole-in-one!!

And a great story, with three witnesses including a Pro!

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My second hole in one

This was my 2nd. hole in one. What a great feeling,it was 128 yrds. to a elevated green, we did not see go in, it was a great suprise when we looked in to the hole

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Mothers Day Dunk

It was a windy Mothers day in twenty ten and i decided to go play nine holes on my own in the afternoon. I was playing well. one under at the time when i stepped up to the seventh tee on Lindenwoods Red Course and realized i would have to hit a low punching six iron to get over the water into the fifteen mph winds. I hit the ball and thought it could be good. I watched it cut through the wind and start drifting towards the hole. Then clank. The ball dissapeared into the cup. I tossed my club and went full sprint down the hill forgetting about my bag and went and pulled out my ball. When i looked around i realized that no one was there. Then from around the trees a grounds crew worker came out clapping and congratulating me. He was my witness. I went on to finish the round with a two under thirty four after bogeying the very next hole. To this day one of the best golf moments of my life

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