Hole-in-one stories

hole in one on 17

It was a great day i was pretty well 3 over par going into hole number 17 at pilot knob park country club. It was playing about 196 yards so i pulled out a 7 wood the pin was in the back left part of the green. I'm left handed so hit a high cut there was not any wind at all and when it came down mt friend said be right and it was it hit the pin and in it went it was one of the best days in my life.

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Happy New Years Eve Ace LUCKY 8

By: ianh54

I guess the lesson here is; Always play a #8 Ball like Freddy C. They are truly more aerodynamic in the end.....Well it worked for me

Ball: Titleist ProV1 High-Number #8
Club: Titleist 1997 Tour-Model Blade Pitch Wedge
Hole: 115 Yards
Location: Studio City, California
Conditions: 80 and Sunny, no wind

Walking up the 2nd fairway on our par-3 New Years Eve morning round, one of my partners told me that I "deserved" a hole-in-one...Ha.

Of course I laughed it off. But Mark is no slouch himself. A Hole-in-One Club member, he got his one ACE right here on these hallowed grounds...The Executive Par-3 Golfing Park known in LA as "Whitsett".

The par-3 Fifth at Weddington Golf and Tennis is an absolute treat for any golfer. Its an inviting little 115 birdie-look that frames up nicely for a draw. The greens are set up to really HOLD executive wedge-shot approaches; and make the player look and feel like...well, a MAN.

I had been spinning the ball off of almost every green this morning and the day before. But I was really hunting flags out there this morning, my tee shots were getting close.

I choked down on my 1997 Titleist Tour Model Blade PW and made a compact easy swing, drawing it in nicely for a 120 yard carry.

The combination of the matt tee-box and the soft cover on that #8 ProV1 jerked that sucker back about 15 feet right into the cup, PGA-style.......while the four of us watched in amazement.

I don't think I can hit it any better. Thats a rare feeling in golf.

These classic blades and this ProV1 ball are just un-beatable....unless you can beat a 1.

Needless to say; I will be playing your Titleist high-number 8 flagship ball for luck the rest of my golfing career. Incredible work, gentleman.

Happy New Years Titleist and Titleist Players Worldwide

Ian H., Los Angeles Ca 12/31/2011

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Straight In The Cup

By: done20

Hi, I'm 72 years old and have been golfing 47 years. I have always wanted a hole in one. I wanted to be golfing with my wife, Barb and my golfing friends, David and Martha Lill. We all were golfing yesterday when I hit a 7 iron and David said, man that is going right at the cup. The ball hit the cup and we it stayed in the cup...air born! It was a delight and a wonderful memory!

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Firs Hole In One

I have been golfing for 6 years & have used Titleist since I hit my first drive. Although I say 6 years, I have probably crammed 15 years into 6. See, I play between 320-340 rounds per year. I have come from a 33 handicap the first year to a 9 handicap now. Golf is my passion & to finally get a hole in one is one of the best highlights of my life so far. Thanks Titleist for making a ball(NXT) that suits me & helped me get my hole in one.

Your Truly
Charlene Royce

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2nd ace

By: fordm1

I was playing with my brother, and hit a 9 to a slightly uphill green at 131 yards. The green is across a gully with a small pond at the bottom, and the hole's protection is the dramatic upslope to the green surface coming up from the pond. My ball hit about a foot and a half to the right of the pin with a slight draw and the spin pulled it in. The group immediately in front of us had a good friend in it and he heard us whooping and hollering but didn't see the shot. We have a playing group, the Dogfight, with a hole in one insurance program. The problem was that to qualify for the insurance payout you must be playing either in the Dogfight or with a Dogfight member, and this one wouldn't qualify, as my brother isn't a Dogfight member and my friend didn't witness the shot.

All I could think about was the thrill of the ace but then it dawned on me that my bar bill was going to be huge. On getting back to the clubhouse I was very relieved to find that the bar had closed and most golfers gone home, it being late on a Sunday afternoon. The bar closing was the second great thing that happened to me at the course that day!

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