Hole-in-one stories

Wife predicts first hole in one

Recently, when leaving for the golf course, my wife would ask, "a hole in one today"? A few days after my 71st birthday when leaving for my 1st golf game at age 71, my Wife said emphatically, "a hole in one today". She was right on. After playing golf for 56 years(35 years as a member of the Clubs of Kingwood)I got my 1st hole in one on my favorite Clubs of Kingwood Course, Forest Course (the Course used to film "Tin Cup"). I hit my Pro-V1 with a 9 iron on the 121 yard hole # 14 about 3 feet infront of the hole. The ball took one bounce, checked up and rolled a few inches into the cup. Unfortunately, with my wifes' prediction, I didnt have her go buy a lottery ticket.
It was a special day that I will always remember. It also was not expensive since the bar was closed that day at the Club.

John Tompkins

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Two Holes in One with the Same Group

This was the first of two holes in one with the same group. Both Holes in One were on the back nine after playing the front nine in horrible fasihon.

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Christian Espiritu

I was playing a nine hole course in Medford Oregon called Ceder Links. Started off with a string of double bogeys. It seemed like I just wanted to break my clubs. I was going to the fourth hole and gave myself a pep talk and said "let's get this ball in play". After I hit a good drive everything started to come together. I shot par for the next few holes, was on the par5 in two putting for eagle (only got a par) made it to the eighth hole par three 129yds. I checked the gps on my phone and it said 139yds. The Pin was set in front of the green gaurded by a pond. I chose an 8 iron and went for it. The shot itself went extremely high in the air with a little draw and at the last second it cut, took one bounce and in the jar. The rest is history in the making.

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I just got a double bogie on a par 4 and I was falling behind in my group. We step up to the par 3 yardage about 160yds back pin position. The 1st to guys hit one was about 15ft and the othe 6ft from the hole. Now it's my turn and i took alook at the 40 to 50 ft drop. I was trying to stay below the cup so I used my 56 degree but I hit it a little stronger than normal it was 10ft behind the hole and it rolled back to the center of the cup for one of the best shot's I've every seen. So I just went crazy for about 3 min's with Mike,Donnell and JR. No one in the group has ever had a hole-in-one until that moment.

Today was a good day!!!

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Frank Emerson

Just returned from a vacation in Florida, and looking forward to playing with my buddy's again. We twenty-five cent skins with double for birdies, triple for eagles, 10 for double eagles and 20 for an Ace. I clean-up today.

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