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You Always Remember Your First

Golfing with friends, Jon Cleland, Theresa "T" Cleland and Jeff Morton at Bellevue Country Club in Syracuse on June 17. Playing below my handicap we come to the par...

My Dad's first HIO !

I had returned from Vietnam in 1971, on leave in MN. Dad and I went to play nine on Father's Day at a little 9 hole course in Hamel, Mn. I forget the hole, of course it...

one at last

I am 70 years old. have been playing since I was 5 my father taught me the game the right way. first one!!!!! the best is I was with my best friend. smiles and laughs all...

Tuesday Mens League

During league I teed up a ProV1 and used my 9 wood to hit a nice arcing shot that landed on the green and rolled right into the hole. I just turned 70 in May and this is my...

Prototype hole-in-one

I was one of the many who play Titleist to get a package of prototype balls in the mail last fall, which I played and provided feedback on. (A process detailed in “The...

"It went in the hole!"

June 21, 2017 at Tam O'Shanter Golf Course in Hermitage, PA was a perfect evening for golf. My brother, Joe Henegan, a friend, Jim Jovenall, and I were playing the back...

ACE at Big Run

Plying at BIG Run in Lockport, IL. Came up to the 13th hole. 185 yd par three. Tee was elevated and the hole was playing at 173yards. Used a 7 wood as the wind was in our face...

Number 13 at Chaska

Nice yardage 168 for my 7 wood,slight left to right breeze,started ball left of flag hit 20 to 25 ft short of rolled up and in.Let the shouting begin.

My Most Exciting Golfing Experience

It was a really windy day, June 2nd 2017. I got to the 9th hole at Brook-Lea Country Club in Rochester NY. I had an 8 Iron in my hands because the pin was 151 yards. The wind...

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