Hole-in-one stories

Second Hole in One for an Albatross

4 years ago I had my first hole-in-one on a par 3. This time I happened to do it on a par 4. I hit a nice and easy driver into the 254 yard par 4. The wind was a crosswind and a little into our face at 20 mph. I played a nice little draw and it drops off downhill so you can only see the top of the flagstick. We could not see it drop in the hole. I looked onto the green and the ball was nowhere to be found. I looked in the hole and there it was. That Albatross led me to breaking the course record at my course. I shot a 6-under 29 with 3 other birdies on the other 8 holes. It was the best round of my life and will be one I will never forget. Two great things happened that day and it was all anchored by that double eagle on the par 4.

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Bob Swartz First hole in one

I was playing in our 4man 2man best ball at penfield country club. I decided to lead off every hole and we started on #2. On #8 i hit my shot to a back pin and landed it on the front half of the green. My fellow players were saying it was a good shot and it started rolling out towards the pin. Just kept going and going until it got to the pin and disappeared. We went crazy. After playing #9 and walking off the green my 3 year old grand daughter came running to me calling my name. It just so happened that my wife,daughter,and grand daughter were just then coming to the club to go to the pool. It was an awsome moment !!

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My first hole in was very exciting

By: mackr1

I came to the sixteen hole after finishing the Devil's triangle. God and I top the Devil's triangle with an hole in one on the sixteen hole!
My playing partner Rusty stated he had never had or seen an hole in one until now.
Mack C. Roulhac

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Lucky Number One with My Son

This is my second hole in one on the same hole at The University Club (number 8), although the club has had a major renovation two years ago that totally changed this hole.

The first time was on June 23rd, 2005 and both times I was playing a Titleist Pro V1 ball with a Number One.

However, this one was more special as my 16 year old son (Daniel) was playing with me.

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My best attempt at playing it safe

I was playing in a Memorial Day tournament and was on my 25th hole (playing 27 in Day 1). The 7th green has a severe back to front slope. Most shots end up lower left eventually, so I was trying to play to the front of the green. The hole measured 154 and is uphill. I would normally hit 6, but chose 7 to get to the front of the green. I caught the ball completely flush and hit the back right with a draw. The ball moved left and caught the slope. Due to the back to front slope of the green, the T box allows for a great view. The ball started rolling back towards the cup until it just disappeared into the cup. I am 51 and my Dad taught me to play when I was a kid. He died almost 9 years ago and every now and then, I still want to call him and give him an update of life events. This was one of those times.

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