My First Hole In One a Albatross

My First Hole In One a Albatross

This was my practice round at the Bella Vista Country Club in Marlboro, NJ for my upcoming Ocean County vs. Monmouth County Challenge Cup. It was the #4 Hole, a 276 yard dog leg left. I hit a great drive over the top of the trees to take out the dog leg. At first I couldn't find my ball. My dad and I searched for it high and low. I was about to take a drop when my dad said,"Forget about the drop here's your ball" and pointed to the cup. I was so excited! My first Ace!

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4 Replies

  1. Robert W

    Way to go Chrissie!  Now that's a golf shot! - Cheers!

  2. Marvin P

      Being Memorial weekend my dad was in town so we could pay our respects to those that have gone on before us. My dad and three of my friends had a 7:30 tee time. Number one a par three that i ralely find the green on my tee shot 158 to the middle wind at my back light 9 iron. With the sun in our eyes they just told me nice shot. when i went to look for my ball i found it in the bottom of the cup. Having my dad ther with three of my closest friends to see it so they wouldn't think i was lying. PRICELESS

  3. Matthew G


    That's awesome.  

    I have zero aces but two albatrosses.   Still VERY jealous of your ace!

    and FYI......... it wouldn't have been a drop.  You would have to tee it up again.

  4. Michael W

    Congrats!  You'll remember that shot for the rest of your life!