Hole-in-one stories

My First Hole in One

Playing Montauk Downs for the last 25 years 3-5 times a week during the week of August 16th my wedding Anaversary, plans changed Hawaii In August...so July we go to Montauk and played "The Downs" with my son and nephews Thursday and Friday....leaving Sunday and only playing twice i did get approval to play sudne morning....walked up and got out in the second group...a Sunny Sunday morning.....pared the first hole....second hole playing the blue tees I hit an 8 iron 147 yards saw it bounce twice and ...........got up to the green now ball???? cursed looked in the sand...no ball....looked in the rough long no ball.....yep in the....fist hole in one on my favorite course.....

Went to the bar after the round ordered a LARGE Long Island Ice Tea at 10 AM on Sunday........tried buying everyone drinks nowbody there....my wife texted me and said get out of the bar nobdady else is coming it took you 25 year now lets go to the Beach!!!

Only on Long Island!

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Finishing touch

During my last junior tournament of my career, I made my first hole in one in a competitive round. It was the second hole at Austin Country Club on the first round of the AJGA Harvey Penick tournament. A boy in my group, Trevor Brown, hit an amazing shot to 4 feet and I asked him if he ever had a hole in one, which he answered with a "no". I was next on the tee and hit I smooth 7iron which never left the pin. It landed 4 feet left of the hole and trickled towards the pin and disappeared. My group went nuts and my mom began the water works, she couldn't stop the tears of joy. It was a wonderful way to end my junior golf career and look forward to playing at Baylor University. God sure is good!

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My First Ace a Par 4

I flew my drive about 290 to the front of the green, straight as an arrow. It rolled right into the pin, and dropped. It was difficult to tell if it went in or rolled over the green, but we drove up there and sure enough it was sitting in the hole. The picture is me pulling the ball out of the hole.

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On Monday, July 30, 2012, I was playing at Shale Creek Golf Club in Medina, Ohio. I belong to a Monday Mens traveling league. Shale Creek is one of the best public courses in the state of Ohio. I had just come off a triple bogey on the previous hole when we reached Hole #5, a 172 yard Par 3. I was playing in a foursome. The four off us have a money game between us along w/ the league skin game. We play pin shots as part of our skin game. Since we were in the last group, we knew one us us would win a skin if we could beat the marked pin shot ahead of us. It was marked approx 12 feet from the pin, which was a great shot for this distance. I was to hit first. Sitting next to the green in a golf cart was the club pro. He appeared to be waiting for us to hit so he could continue down the path to whatever part of the course he was going to.

I had just had the triple bogey & was not feeling to good about it. The pin was located on the right side, about in the middle. I pulled out my 5 Iron, teed up my NXT & let it rip. The ball went high & started to have a perfect slight draw on it (when I hit them right that is the my typical flight path). The ball landed on the green, about 30 feet from the pin. It started rolling at a fast pace. The next thing I knew, the ball just disappeared. I had no idea where it had gone. I knew it couldn't have gone in the hole. I have hit thousands of shots in the past 42 years. My shots don't go in holes. My playing partners started saying I think you just got a hole-in-one. I responded back by saying that I don't think so, maybe there is a slope it went down. Just as I said that, the pro jumped out of his cart & raised both his arms in the air in a victory fashion. I knew right then that my friends were right. I had just made my 1st hole-in-one. I started yelling like I had just won the super bowl When that stopped, I went into shock & became speechless. The pro then road his cart down to us & congratulated me. He told me that he had been in the golf business for 16 years & that my shot was the best shot he has ever witnessed.

Needless to say, I had just beat the previous pin shot & won a skin for that. On top of that we get 2 skins if we have a birdie on a hole & win it and 3 skins for an eagle. I had just won 4 skins with one swing of the club. It is a new league record. After the round was over & I was paid my skins. I did the customary thing & bought drinks for the boys. I was very lucky because it only cost me $55.00. This is in part due to the league members ages now. In the old days it would have cost me a small fortune. It would have been worth every penny though. Well that is my story & I am glad I can share it. I hope it makes someone laugh.I am sure that each hole-in-one has a unique story.

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My First Hole In One

On January 1, my mom and I played our first ever round together. On the 4th hole, I hit my first hole in one over water. We found the ball pinned between the flagpole and the inside of the hole. Thank you Titleist for making this special day even better! This was perfect and my mom will forever be my favorite golf partner.

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