Hole-in-one stories

Acing out my husband 1st hole in one

By: jodik2

My caddy aka husband advised me to use my 3 wood instead of my 5 iron. We were a foursome and let a twosome play through. I reached in my bag, hit my 3 wood as the twosome exited the green. The ball bounced left on the upper side of the green and as it was rolling, my husband was telling me that the ball is probably rolling right to the hole. I was like - yeah right! His exact words to me were "I'm going to be so pissed if you got a hole in one".

Just as he says this, one of the guys from the twosome we let play through was holding his hands hands up like a touch down. As we drove our cart up, my husband was yelling, did she get it and the guy yelled "YES"!!

The course had it at 118 yards. My husband's range finder had it at 131 yards up hill. Blind hole and nailed it with my 3 wood!!

Whoo hooo - I now have bragging rights over my husband for getting a hole in one before him. To his credit, I would have never hit my 3 wood if he hadn't told me to - so I share this with him!

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My Hole In One

I had done nothing spectacular all day. I pulled out a seven iron for the par three 155 yard shot, there was a right to left wind so i hit a low cut to hold it into the wind. It felt perfect coming off the club. The PRO V1 landed 2 feet from the pin and released right into the cup. I love the feel of the PRO V1 especially around the greens, as I only hit 8 to 9 greens a round, so short game feel is important to my game. The PRO V1 provides that feel, espcially when it is hit good off the Driver and iron, I can only imagine what a set of titleist Irons and woods combined with the ball would feel like. Thanks George Jackson

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By: bobd91

Hit a 7 metal over the sand trap hit past the pin and rolled back into the hole we could not see it go in It was good we have hole in one insurance as we were playing a home and home club tourney. about 60 players got a free drink that I did not have to buy

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Special Day playing with Dad

Dear Titleist,

I was playing with my Dad in the group along with two very good friends on a beautiful day. Hole #14, 191 yard par 3 with a two tiered green. Pin placement on lower front tier. Ball hit, rolled slightly up the slope of the tier and back down into the cup.

One of my friends in the group, much bigger guy than me, took off sprinting toward me while yelling "it went in, it went in" picked me up in the air and started jumping up and down. It was awesome!!!

I loved that my first hole-in-one happened while playing with my Dad. My Dad is a long time golfer from way back. As a kid growing up he always wanted me to start playing golf but I was very much into baseball and other sports at the time so I didn't pursue it then. I did pick-up golf later on in my late teen years but wish I would have started much earlier when he wanted me to. It was a great feeling when it happened with him.

Thank you.

Randy B.

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Hole in One

By: jillm6

The other morning although not feeling 100% my husband and I were playing golf when we reached one of the Par 3s on the course (5th). I took a 7 Wood and whilst my ball reached the green I thought that I had struck it too hard and it had run through, my husband said that hit the pin. I did not see that and did not believe him and went straight to the back of the green to look for my ball of which there was no sign. Still believing it had hit the pin my husband went to the flag stick and said to me "Come and look at this' and to my amazement there was my ball nestling at the bottom of the cup my one and only hole in one. It made my day and I really felt better after that it was a glorious feeling.

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