Hole-in-one stories

My Second Hole in One

This is my second hole in one. My first one was 7 years ago. I was two days shy of my 70th birthday. I was lucky to see that one. The second one was hidden so I couldn't find my ball and one of my opponents looked in the hole and found it there.

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hole in one

I had number 16 hole in one and I got it on hole #16 at Braburn golf course Wichita State University Wichita kansas

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Birthday Gift

It was my birthday, March 19 2010, at Forge Pond. Being late winter at an executive course it was wide open and I was playing alone. The 8th hole is an uphill 165yd shot requiring a little left to right cut. I hit a perfect shot and knew it was close. Of course not seeing the ball on the green I knew instantly it was my 1st hole in one. This is not necessarily the best part of the story being that I was alone and couldn't have it certified.

About 2 months later in May I was again playing alone and this was the very next time I played this course after my birthday game. Coming into the 6th hole a player caught up to me as I was playing more than one ball. So we hooked up and on the long walk between the 7th and 8th hole I was explaining how the last time I played here I had gotten a hole in one on the next hole we were playing. He was a very enthusiastic begginer of the game and was excited for me. So as I hit the ball on the same 8th hole, same pin position, same shaped shot, I exclaimed right then and there "I think it's a hole in one!!!" He's like "Well, we'll see... it's probably close." Being a 30yd uphill shot we couldn't see it. 

Sure as heck it was pinched between the flag and the inside of the hole, so the player I was with, being a super enthused beginner was absolutely freaking out that, not only had he never seen a hole in one, but I actually "called" it. He was more excited than I was I think. But needless to say I not only got another hole in one in back to back rounds at this particular course, on the same hole, but most importantly I got to have it witnessed!!!!!!! Yahooo!!!!!!!

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Hole in one

It was the 5th hole at Diamond Ridge Golf Course. A 197 yard par 3. The wind was blowing left to right about 8 mph. The pin was in the back middle on the left side of the green. I decided to hit a 3 iron with a draw starting from middle of the green to the left of the green. When I hit my shot, the ball went perfectly straight, and started to draw from the middle of the green to the left of the green. It hit the left middle of the green and bounced twice then slowly rolled right into the hole. It was the happiest moment of my life.

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Finally after forty years

I've been playing golf for over 40 years and had never had an "Ace". I'd holed out from the fairway from some distance but never a "hole-in-one".

I was playing in a group on the second day of a three day tournament on Cape Cod. The year before on this course(Cranberry Valley), the weather had been so bad that my score was 99 and I was a 10 handicap at the time. It was a perfect Fall day but after last year I had no real expectations. I was hitting the ball ok for early in the morning and actualy was one under after two.

The third hole proved to be a bit of a challenge but I scrambled for bogey to go back to even. I then stepped up to the 4th tee fairly loose from the scramble on the previous hole. Number 4 is a 168 yard par three. The pin was cut center-back in the shadows so we could not realy see the hole.

I hit a smooth 7 iron and it tracked dead at the stick. I knew it was going to be a good shot but had NO expectations of it going in. We got up to the green and we saw no ball. I immediately thouight "Damm, I flew the green and now i'm in the back bunker or back rough".

My patners suggested that I look in the hole but I was too nervous to even think that it might be in. I walked along the back of the green and still no ball. I gingerly started towards the pin, a little nervous and weak legged. I got to the pin, looked down and saw a black number 2 Titleist staring right up at me. I was in shock, not knowing whether to scream or faint. My partners were yelling more for me at that point than I was for myself.

Luckily, one of the group had a cell phone camera and was able to take pictures of me taking the ball out of the cup. Probably the hardest shot I had to hit all day was the tee ball on the next hole. It was only the 5th hole but as far as i was concerned my round was pretty much over. I was able to hold it together long enough to complete the round and shoot 79 (a 20 stroke improvemenmt over the previous year).

Even though I finished third in the tournament, the shot on the 4th hole at Cranberry Valley that day more than made up for anything else that week. My thanks to my playing partners Dave and Jim Bodenrader and Billy Lantagne for celebrating my "Ace" as well as keeping me upright the rest of the round!!

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