Hole-in-one stories


By: bobv34

This was my sixth hole in one and MY MOST MEMORABLE. My opponent hit a 7 iron into the hole for a hole in one. I then ALSO hit a 7 iron into the hole!! Two holes in one in same 4 some (back to back) What are the odds of that????? Mystery Valley Golf Course Hole #2

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First Hole in One

I accompanied my children to our local golf course so they could participate in the First Tee program. I decided to play the executive, nine hole, par 27 course while the kids were taking their lessons. On the third hole, a par 3 150 yard, hole with the green approximatley forty feet above the tee box, I hit my first hole in one! I struck my nine iron very well and it was tracking directly on line with the flag. However, I thought that I had hit the ball too hard and had flown the green.

I approached the hole and could not see my ball. I looked over the green in the rough and still could not find my ball. I had a thought that it may have gone in and checked the hole where I saw my ball laying on the bottom of the cup. I stood over the ball for about a minute while my mind raced until I finally realized that I had hit a hole in one! I collected the ball, saved it, and have placed it on my shelf with other collectible golf balls.

I should add that I have been playing golf for 35 years and a good portion of that time I was playing nearly every day in junior, high school, and college level golf. This was my first ever hole in one. Hopefully, I will not have to wait another 35 years for my second.

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Elks Run Golf Course

I have played golf for 32 years.
My group played the Elks Run Golf course on October 23, 2012.
Number 8 is downhill 121 yards from the white T-box.
I selected a 9 iron, used the eye to brain to hands technique. The ball landed just short and 3 feet left of pin, rolled right and disappeared. The celebrating began.
This is my 3rd HI1 with Titleist balls.

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A Few Good Swings

When I was seven, my father taught me how to grip the golf club and how to swing. After that I was hooked and went to the course with him whenever I could. He was a good player as evidenced by all the trophies on the bookcase at home. Then, when I was 12, he became ill and passed away. I carried on, trudging his clubs out to the course, where the local pro took pity on me and allowed me to play for free, but my heart wasn't in it any longer and I gave up the game and didn't play for 25 years after that.

Fast forward to Bainbridge Island, Washington some years later, when I was 40 and some friends invited me to play golf. I reluctantly agreed and when on my approach to the 10th hole I struck a perfect 6 iron from 175 and dropped it 10 feet from the cup thought, "Hmmm, this isn't so bad..."

So I started re-playing the game about seven years ago - rather late in life for most aspiring golfers. I am 47 currently. I discovered very quickly that I had a natural aptitude for it (or hadn't forgotten my formative training) and from there, quickly developed a passion for the game - again. Soon after came custom clubs, playing lessons, golf boot camp, a physical coach, a mental coach a regular swing coach and living on the range or at the course - crazy! But fun. So much fun. The feel of a perfectly struck 5 iron keeps ya' coming back as they say. I don't know who 'they' are, but in this instance, they are certainly correct.

I feel my day is complete if I hit 4-500 practice balls, putt for an hour and chip and do bunker work for yet another. Thank heaven I'm single as a wife would never put up with that, unless I were a touring pro, which I am convinced, had I kept playing earlier in life, I would have been. I've played a bunch of amateur tournaments, the mid-am, the Pub-links and the US Open qualifier and gained golf-humility very quickly in the process. The mental game is a whole other animal, not easily tamed, it turns out. Now a few years in, I may play in next year's offerings, including some pro-ams with some touring buddies out there, but I know for sure it takes a lifetime to get that good. So I have fun. I posted a little video of my old swing. It's changed a bit since then, but although technically better these days, it remains pretty organic to me - yet I'm told it's a classic golf swing, whatever that is. And again, it remains fun.

Currently I live in Santa Barbara, where I work in real estate. If I can make a decent living doing that and play this much golf in this beautiful a place, well, life couldn't get much better than that. Oh! And I played Pebble last year the day after the Pro-Am there and shot 78 on Spy and 75 on the links. Not too terrible, but I was nervous being on a new course and didn't know my way around. Next time, I'll eat it up...:) And of course I had that nice ace on 17 at Glen Annie this past October 5th at the Toyota tournament - got some really nice gifts from all the manufacturers for that one swing - amazing.  I am really grateful for the people in this game - some of the best I've even known and had the privilege of calling my friends.

Finally, I must say the one place I always feel at peace is on the golf course - especially late in the day. I can feel a presence out there that's very calming, where I really feel connected to life itself and on more than one occasion after a great birdie or a really good shot, I can actually hear a voice say "wow" or "great." Or maybe it's just the wind...

Thanks for everything Titleist - my dad used your equipment and so do I. You guys are great.


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first hole in one

first hole in one for a 69 year old. It was a par 4 281 yrd hole but was under repair and was playing at 145 yrds. it was at valderra golf club in st. george utah

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